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  1. What if it breaks after 12 months and i dont know if its been used for mining
  2. Should i buy 1070 ti inno3d for 278$ refurbished with 12 months warranty?
  3. 2x8gb and i just cleaned my computer and that helped i cant believe im so dumb anyways thank you for trying to help me
  4. I recently bought a new pc which has Ryzen 7 2700x Gigabyte am4 b450m s2h Raidmax vortex rx-500AF-V 80 PLUS BRONZE 500W DIMM DDR4 2666mhz CL19 GEIL SSD Biostar 512gb Gt 1030 Windows 10 64 bit Graphics card is from my old and im going to upgrade, so let me tell you about my problem. Today when i booted the pc it was booting up slower than usual i restarted it and it was staying on the motherboard screen for like 15 seconds and then going into windows like normal. Im asking why is this happening and should i be concerned. Thanks in advance.
  5. Is it safe to charge my phone thru my pc usb port? thanks in advance
  6. priv4cy

    Refresh rate

    I have benq gl955 monitor 60hz, i was wondering if i downgrade resolution and up the refresh rate will my monitor die faster? also i would use it only when i play csgo.Thanks