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  1. What would cause the second memory channel on i5 3470k to not function? Both sticks work in single channel mode. Could it be the socket or motherboard? Any suggestions would help. Thanks in advance.
  2. Its a small world. My build doesn't have gpu so i cant comment on that. Glad to hear things are working better. I wish the best and better for you. You made my day a little better. --cmdr
  3. I don't this out of topic or what, but what should be repeated. Best security is unplugging.
  4. Dont place anything on a drive you're not willing to share. Period.
  5. Im not blowing smoke. Heres my reply to my reply.
  6. Ill try to help. I have same cpu (i think) and same motherboard for sure. My problem that fixed at least posting was as follows...one memory channel on my board is dead, It is a process of elimation. Stay calm work through the issue. Mine was broken for 5+ years. Im happy to report mine is working on one memory channel and i was able to install OS. I hope the best for you and i will monitor this thread because you are working the same board/issue that I am. Best wishes. --cmdr