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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh ok. Thanks for your help, i think i would put off building a pc right now
  2. Sorry for the late reply, I am new this form and thought replies would get sent to my email. Anyways, I live in Singapore and for budget I am looking at around $2k SGD which translates to about 1,442.57 USD and 1,914.92 CAD. I have used google collab in the past before, but i did not know it could be used for deep learning, maybe i should just stick with google collab, depending on what kind of computer i am able to build with my budget. Currently I already own a laptop for school (Asus Ux331UN Ram: 8GB, CPU: i7-8550U, GPU: MX150, SSD: 256 GB), however, my lecturer in school told me that I would need a decent computer for deep learning if not I would not be able to do my assignment or it will take my laptop very long in to run. Sorry again for the late reply,
  3. Hi to all! This is my first post, I hope someone of members will help me. I plan to build a deep learning workstation for my school (I am a student) but I have no idea about current hardware and have never build a PC before. What parts should I pick that wouldn't completely destroy my bank. I know for deep learning I require a good GPU, however I do not know any good budget GPU options for deep learning.