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  1. isnt the intel 660p a optane variant? thought these work on amd but not as boot devices? they can be used as storage drives far as i knew? if you had the pcie cards there super cheap iv installed m.2 drives in them for rigs that didnt have nvme or even m.2 slots on the board to use for storage,
  2. id hate to recommend a higher end psu but iv that seems like itd be adequate but every build iv done iv given above 600w for future proofing, id assume you did a clean install of windows after getting new ssd? other then that id look at the cooling of the cpu, if thats in check the timings of the memory in bios might have something to do with it, as in single sided/double sided ram makes a difference, and could be how windows is configured. is power plan set to balanced? or high/ultimate performance. its matter of narrowing down the culprit by process of eliminating the hardware,
  3. oh well great to learn this now then, ill just need a strong pump for bit of future proofing and a nice tall res, plus i guess since im saving in most of these areas i can grab a pair of 480's rads for future expansion,
  4. yeah a month later i went to see if price came down, they said they could no longer ship that beast to my loc, lol good thing i bought it day they came in,
  5. ahh ok then i can prob save on the block and just use the monoblock and look into something to cool the vrms, spend on cooling the other toasty bit of the board.
  6. hmm mine came with the brackets that screw into the fan and the bracket clips into the grooves of the heatsink, ill get pics once im off shift,
  7. hmm then i i wouldnt need a cpu block, i can just resuse the monoblock as it's brand new in package, but would a pure copper wb be better suited since this is nickle?
  8. i actually have the monoblock it came free with my board when i got it. thing is i was told monoblocks arent supported by delidded cpus, if this is the case then id need a nice copper WB for the board at least, and maybe a vrm cooler, the lil 40 is basicly there to assist the base of the noctua, the temps settle down eventually but id rather have piece of mind and get this thing under control. adding to it as i get new hardware, but for now just need this cpu and vrms if thats not complex for a first build, the vega was torn apart and repasted with liquid metal as well, so its still ok for now,
  9. hey all i thought id ask here as iv come to a point were its time to tame this i9 7980xe. and my future i9 10980xe if i ever find one at msrp, i know its terrible i seen linus's vid but this is only till DDR 5 and amds PCie 5, then this rig will get shelved sold or decommissioned and set to another task, were im getting lost is on fittings/barbs it seems, system specs are as listed. BeastCPU - i9 7980xe 4.6 -4.4ghz 1.20vCooler - Noctua NH - U12AMobo - Rog Asus Apex x299Ram - 64 GB Corsair Dominator PAltuim 3200mhz 4x16GBGPU - Vega FE 1650 Core 1080 HBM 2 (1120MV)PSU - Evga 1600w G2Case Corsair 1000DStorage1.intel 905p 380GB M.2 (Os)2.intel 900p 280GB U.2 to Pcie3.intel DC3700 1.6TB (Work)3.iron wolf 14TB 256mb (Bulk)4.intel 750 1.2TB (steam) i guess what im looking for is following, to cool this demon of a cpu, 1.420 Full Copper Rad, 2. Full Copper Block for cpu higher flow the better (NO RGB Aids) 3.nice strong high flow pump with nice Tall Res (NO RGB Aids) 4.Best Soft Tubing for high flow setup, 4.all fittings/Barbs? needed to connect all these, cooling a 600w+ cpu on a Noctua NH-U12A was insane to think it'd work for so long. time to give this/these cpus the proper cooling they deserve, first thing this loop is for is cpu ill add 2 480 rads uptop in future as needs grow with gpu/motherboard needs,yeah time to cool this thing. thats 10 sec after starting cold from 24hrs of rest...