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  1. (I apologize i meant 8.1, never used 8 tbh) Yes i can boot to windows installation from my usb but i always get this error code while installing it 0x80070570 I think it's a hard drive thing (i switched the hard drive to my working laptop and same thing)
  2. So i had this asus laptop that ran windows 10, i noticed that the performance is kinda better on older vesrions of windows (win7), so i decided to rollback to win8 since 7 was out of date, i used usb booting method (easy2boot), but as soon as i ran it and tried to format the laptop, i was hit with a bsod (it didn't show any msg error i could write down) so i shrugged and tried to restart the windows installation but the same thing kept happening, at this point i thought that the iso or the program (E2B) was damaged, but when i tried to simply turn on the laptop; you guessed it Bsod. Everytime i restart the laptop i get hit with a different bsod, so i thought that i damaged something with the ram (the error msgs were mainly because the error code lead to either bad ram sector or bad hard drive configuration, after alot of diagnosis i managed to pin down the problem, which is the hard drive, so my question is basically what can i do to fix the problem (the drive is already empty so idc about any data loss)
  3. I got this old dell optiplex motherboard i needed to build a rig, i plugged everything i needed now i need to only turn it on, but that's the catch, i cannot locate the power pins to short them, im afraid to do something that breaks the motherboard, i have a dell gx270 motherboard9
  4. I've done some research, i have a gx270 motherboard, i tried looking at the manual i found online, but I'm not sure i got the right pins, im afraid if i shorted something else I'll end up messing up
  5. How can i do that though? Ps : i do have a button but i can't seem to find any place to plug it in
  6. I got this old dell optiplex motherboard i needed to build a rig, i plugged everything i needed but when i plugged the power supply in it didn't automatically boot, i have these parts but i didn't find the the ports for them
  7. Ooooooor i can just plug it to my tv's vga port..... I'm dumb my bad
  8. I have this old pc that i stopped using in a while since it had a posting error, i fixed it yesterday and now it posted, but my monitor keeps on being on standby mode (it's a problem that was happening even before). The question is: can i plug my tower to the laptop screen and work from there?
  9. I have this old dell optiplex gx260 that i personally used from 2008 to 2014, I've switched to a dell lattitude d630 laptop until last year, I've had alot of family photos and vids that i really can't afford to lose, I've decided to turn that old pc to a sever (raid 1), and since I'm a bit of a newbie i don't have the "know how" to go through it, i do realize that i don't have much to work with but I'm on a tight budget, i have a combined 250gb scattered around 3 hdds, can anyone walk me through the process or at least give me an advice on how to build this server (i can use the motherboard of the d630)
  10. A long time ago I've decided to create a small partition to instal a linux to familiarize myself with the os, so I've decided to install zorin os, i've set up everything....aaaaaaaaaaand i forgot about it for like 5 months, my windows got a backdoor virus attack and I've decided that I'm done with Windows and i will change fully to linux, but i already have forgotten the passworf to access it, does anyone know how to reset it? A help will be much appreciated