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  1. Here’s something that might help
  2. Have you tried removing the graphics card and connecting the display directly to the motherboard?
  3. Awesome84

    Old modem

    Do you have cable, DSL, or fiber?
  4. Awesome84

    Old modem

    It probably is the modem. Do you only have the problem on one game, or multiple games?
  5. I would personally suggest using a i7 or higher for 4K video editing.
  6. Also, is your monitor plugged into the motherboard or the GPU?
  7. Most likely just a faulty power supply
  8. The CPU is probably holding it back. Especially since it is a dual core.
  9. I would see no problem with none of that. But instead of a Ryzen 3, opt for a Ryzen 5 if you can.