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  1. So I recently got a mobo/CPU/ram upgrade, and am going to install it all later tonight, but I'm having some confusion on using multiple PCI-E slots, and the motherboard manual isn't very helpful. (Maybe I just don't know what to look for?) I'm going to a new ASUS STRIX B450-F, and want to use 4 slots of PCI-E. 1 for my GPU (RX580-8GB), 1 for a capture card (HD60 Pro), 1 for a soundcard, and the last for a wifi card. My question is if I install the GPU onto the 1st PCI-E x16 slot, does it matter which slots the others go in, since they are all PCI-E x1? I've attached the relevant pages from the motherboard manual, but I'm not sure how to read the speed charts. I could just put the GPU into PCIE_X16_1, and put each of the x1 cards into PCIE_X1_(1-3), but I'm not sure if I have clearance in my case to use one of the x1 slots above the GPU. So I'm thinking of using either PCIE_X16_2 or PCIE_X16_3 for one of the x1 devices, but I don't want to limit the speed of PCIE_X16_1 for my GPU down to x8 or x4 speeds. Let me know if any of you have any insights, curious to know more on how these slots share bandwidth.