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  1. Hi I'm using AMD R7 360 GPU. It has 2gb ram. The latest Radeon graphics card driver includes fan tuning. I want to rid my system of Radeon software as I do not need it But I need something to adjust the fan speed. I use windows 10, servers 2016 and 2019. Thanks for reading
  2. low density 1 side chip dimms are the best basically one side of the dimm has no chips on it. best for gaming but capacity has limits.
  3. well, i think all laptop heatsinks are crap so i second that one!
  4. drivers come as an executable that need to extract the payload to a temporary location prior to installation. when launching in windows 10, it can be manually located in a freshly cleaned up cache location such as users temp directory. Some drivers have a silent switch that can allow you to extract drivers only without trying to install and sometimes suppress operating system version.
  5. i know is why i use a 10 port pcie x3 sata III controller :) still, there are games the old intel 774 form factor just can't reach but most steam games no problem
  6. a pentium socket 774 extreme 4gb ddr2 hooked up with sata III works just as snappy for general tasks as an AMD A10 cpu running windows 10 with ddr 3. Reinventing the wheel causes waste.
  7. I built a win9x virtual machine in virtualbox that supports 32mb GPU ram and uses full 2gb ram. I'm not going to go into technical discussion of how to build it just an overview with a few screenshots. Media player 10 in an os that supports windows media 9 windows 7 superbar in Windows millennium whoah! Win Me step up respects 98se so much that even windows 98 web view desktop wallpaper has windows 98 on it (must be a bug) GPU driver is a reference generic type that allows opengl but not direct x. Hypervisors prefer high res and colour for windows in general. Archive.org has heaps of sources to build it and other places online with google. My method is install windows 98se with system memory set to 512mb install autopatcher with all its unofficial goodies After its done not upgrade or install a *windows millennium retail or oem but **millennium step up edition it respects unofficial patches and extends memory support to 2gb with custom system.ini file tweaking. there are tools that allow millennium's system file protection to be disabled thus allowing custom desktop themes to run. On bare hardware, 2gb ram support is great for large AGP GPU arpeture support (always good to have double system ram in comparison to GPU memory size which works for me even with windows 10) So, there you have it folks an app to build when bored or nostalgic and for the record millennium has never given me any grief Method works for hypervisors and real hardware. *poster owns legit licenses for windows all. **software used was for personal research, evaluation and educational purposes.
  8. @Sauron a modern linux on hardware from 2002?!? why do people buy new computers! I suppose an extra high end pentium III cpu does make it more interesting but what i want to do with linux is little experiments like emulate old console games and run windows millennium in a hypervisor to see if it can allocate the 2 cpu's than running just one with bare hardware (use 2 physical cpu to power 1 virtual). Even on multicore systems windows 9x won't use more than one core, like React OS. lots of things to try.
  9. you need to have its cpu and if seperate, gpu heatsink compound replaced and if thats out of warranty then i'd recommend a qualified service repairer they are very refined and easy to damage. Also is the cooling fan working? could it be blocked with dust? a vacuum on the air intake may suck out any dust bunnies but as far as throttling if your using windows 10 i'd have power management limit top cpu useage at about 75% (or lower)
  10. there are accessories available such as a laptop cooling base that has fans to circulate underneath your laptop and cheap online but its important to remember laptops are not best for hard gaming like hours on end but for casual gaming like 30 minutes a day that, unlike desktop pc's laptops have like a metal bar and tiny fan and not a dedicated gaming heatsink for cooling.
  11. i posted couple of xp's on archive.org without keys but with every damn driver from 2002 - 2014 kinda like i support software legacy but not piracy a private message for a link but anyone can look for it there. heck, i even added internet explorer 8 and media player 11 ?
  12. Za69uzZ

    Operating System

    there is driverpacks for windows xp can be slipstreamed without nlite etc. google will guide you to official repository and basically hook you up for every driver from 2001 - 2014
  13. Very refreshing but i want ad block plus plugin
  14. cpu must have MMX II Instruction set. Where windows 10 doesn't supply drivers you may use windows vista and windows 7 drivers. Legacy drivers from vista or 7 are most useful where for example an old ATI video card with open CL v1 or v1.2 that AMD doesn't support in windows 10 but vista and 7 drivers by ATI and AMD bundle support for.