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  1. Thanks. I've taken the cpu out and checked the pins and reseated it. Also cleared the cmos as you suggested and still no luck. Do you think it's more likely to be the cpu than the motherboard? And so I should return the cpu, or both? I'm had kinda hoped I had just plugged the cpu power in incorrectly as my psu is modular, though it's the only socket that it fits (P4/P8 socket), so think that is correct.
  2. Thanks but I've already looked in the manual and there is no code listed for 00, which is what I'm seeing. The ez debug cou light says it means that the cpu is not detected or fails, but that still doesn't tell me if it's the cpu or the MB itself.
  3. Finally finished new build and it won't post. MB is MSI x570 meg ace. CPU ez debug LED stays lit and debug code LEDs display 00, which looking online many people say is a problem with the cpu/mb. Cpu is ryzen 3700x. I've reseated the cpu and checked the pins (all looked fine), didn't press it down very hard though as didn't want to bend any pins! Checked the cables are all in securely. This is my first build so there's a chance I've done something incorrectly, but I've checked everything I can think of/read about online so am thinking it's a hardware fault. Question is, how do I know if it's actually a problem with the CPU or a problem with the motherboard itself? Should I just return/replace both? Contemplating just returning everything and buying a prebuilt system (Also any other suggestions would be welcome)
  4. I was installing Deepcool Castle 240EX which comes with pre-applied thermal paste, however, while mounting the fans on the radiator, I realised I had let the pump rest on my lap and the thermal paste covered contact was basically sitting flush on my pajama bottoms! Most of it is still on the cooler (there was a thin square covering most of the contact), but some obviously was "transferred" to my trousers. Is it fine to just install it as is, with probably 80% of the paste still on there, or should I: a) top it up with a little additional paste b) remove the current paste in case tiny hairs from the trousers are there and reapply new paste (not sure if leaving it uncovered will lead to it drying up meaning I will have to go with option B anyway...?)
  5. I have looked on ebuyer, but they don't really have much selection when it comes to ram - couldn't find anything matching the specs I need.
  6. Thanks, but I do want to use a radiator, so wanted to ask if anyone who has the case could tell me where there is any wiggle room around that 305mm figure.
  7. Thanks, that might actually work! That's the same as the RAM I ordered, just the non-rgb version. I did check those before and they weren't in stock, but I guess they got them in since then. Although the black one still isn't in stock so I will have to rethink my colour scheme ? Do you know of any other brands that have similar specs?
  8. Thanks, did see those, but the GSkill kit is shipping from the US, so will take a while to arrive- and the Corsair I think is C18?
  9. So I was supposed to be building new PC yesterday, everything arrived except for the RAM I had ordered from Amazon, which has been delayed by up to 2 months! (yay) This is the ram I ordered: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B083VN3CP1/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I'm struggling to find another 3600mhz RAM with a similarly low latency (C16) kit in the UK for a similar price (which is surprising as products are usually more expensive when they first launch, so not sure why this one is such good value). Let alone a kit which is 2x16gb, as I ideally would like to keep two slots free in case I need to add more in future (depending on how much work I end up doing on it, as my work is quite ram-hungry). All the 16gb sticks seem to be 3200mhz. TL;DR: need to find another 3600mhz+, low latency (C16 or 17 - can be higher for higher speed ram), in 32gb (2x16gb). Bonus criteria is if the height is less than 40mm, but if not I will just get a different case.
  10. I already ordered a fractal design meshify C, but am thinking about changing to InWin as my cat always lies on top of my computer and with this case she won't block the exhaust
  11. Hi, could anyone with an InWin 101 or 103 case please tell me if there is any leeway in the max GPU length it can fit? It states 305mm with rad installed at the front/side. I want to use Sapphire 5700 xt Nitro +, which is 306mm, so only 1mm longer. Would that extra 1mm make it not fit, or would it be okay? (Assuming 101 and 103 will be the same as they have the same dimensions and same max gpu length listed).
  12. I'm guessing you're in the US since you linked amazon.com, but if you happen to be in the UK, Overclockers have it (the black one - https://www.overclockers.co.uk/in-win-305-midi-tower-gaming-case-black-window-ca-082-iw.html). You could also try contacting amazon support to ask whether they will have it in stock any time soon (since they are very responsive, but likely won't be able to tell you). However, looking at price tracking website (https://camelcamelcamel.com/InWin-305-Black-Computer-Tempered/product/B0753NH32N), looks like they haven't stocked it since Feb last year (assuming the tracker is correct), in which case getting it on Amazon seems unlikely. Otherwise your best bet is to finding somewhere else on google shopping search or getting it from InWin directly. You could also see if Overclockers deliver to US and which option works out cheapest.
  13. Thanks for the responses. I've uploaded some photos below, it kind of shows what I'm talking about, though it's more obvious in person. Does that look okay? The m.2 heatsinks/covers picture I didn't upload because ran out of space (and also doesn't really show much, other than them only being screwed down on one side).
  14. I'm a complete noob when it comes to this, so apologies if these are stupid questions. I got an MSI X570 Meg ACE, which comes with the I/O shield already on. The I/O shield is a little loose - towards the top there is a gap between it and the board (larger gap than towards the bottom of the shield) and I can press it to push them together... Is that normal? There is also a flap / rectangular small extension to the I/O shield on the back of the board which sticks out.. I'm guessing that is supposed to be like that to help you take the I/O shield off if you want... or it's supposed to be flat/flush with the board? I know they seem like minor things, but the board was quite expensive so want to make sure I didn't get a dodgy one! Also are the M.2 covers supposed to be so loose and rattly? They seem to only be secured on one end.
  15. Just wanted to update in case anyone is interested - I had a new CPU temp record of 193 degrees C. HWInfo did not detect any such high readings, though I don't think it was running at the time I got that high reading from HWMonitor. I have confirmed an issue with my GPU however. After using the PC for a few hours without any issue, I decided to try a game to see if it caused any issues. Straight away the fans started getting louder and temps started increasing. I quit the game quickly and it settled down. I then loaded it up again to see how far it would go and if the fans just seemed louder than usual because I was paying attention to it. They got louder and louder and GPU temps hit 90 degrees C before I got coloured bars across the screen for a split second, before it all went black and turned off, with gpu fans still running full speed. This was different to the random turn offs I had been experiencing previously, GPU temps out of games seem fine (currently at 38 degrees C), but it is pretty damning evidence of a GPU issue!