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  1. I like the U12A, but those poop brown fans... I wish Noctual would hurry up with their black versions, and also the Chromax cover they are supposed to be making for the U12A. I also rather like the look of the NH-U14S. With some 2000rpm Noctua fans it should have lots of cooling. Thanks, ill have a look into that!
  2. Just to make sure i am understanding all this correctly: 1. The JEDEC standard for DDR4 is 2133mhz. 2. The supported operating speeds of 2666mhz and 3200mhz for the i9 9900k and Ryzen 9 3900x respectively is the minimum recommended speed that your RAM should have. 3. Getting RAM to that minimum recommended speed will require an XMP profile anyway (since the RAM by default will be at 2133mhz?) 4. The 9900k and 3900x will support those minimum recommended speeds without applying any overclock to the processor? 5. If you want to run at above the minimum recommended speeds (say 3200mhz for the 9900k or 3600mhz for the 3900x) the XMP profile that comes with that speed of RAM will also apply a small overclock to the processor to compensate for the increased RAM speed?
  3. I'm in the UK, looking at 9900k + ASUS Maximus XI Formula, OR 3900x + one of the ASUS Crosshair VIII boards, RAM probably 32gb Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro. Budget is roughly £1500 at this time, since i already have PSU, and GTX1080 which don't need replacing just yet. Alternate coolers would be the Noctua NH-U12A (alas no Chromax covers yet) or the U14S.
  4. The D15S? And no i haven't bought anything yet, just doing my research before buying anything.
  5. Ill have to check the measurements, but there are quite a lot of PCIe brackets, so it should be mountable lower down if that's what you mean. Im just interested whether it is possible to mount the D15S in such a fashion, at the moment. While i consider my options.
  6. I have seen the normal D15 exhaust vertically, however it still seems to overhang the RAM slots. I am intending to mount my graphics card vertically so there will likely be much less trouble with the PCIe slots with a riser cable. I would prefer to get the beefiest air cooler possible without obscuring the rest of the internals, aesthetics and all that.
  7. Does anyone here have the Noctua NH-D15S mounted so that it exhausts vertically? Since the S variant is asymmetrical i am wondering if the 'short side' can be mounted facing the RAM when it is mounted to exhaust vertically, so that it does not cover the RAM slots. After all if you're gonna spend money on nice fancy RGB memory you don't want to cover it up! Thanks for any info or pictures you can provide! Nozy
  8. I'm getting a bit confused. I had always thought that for RAM that was advertised to run above the standard DDR4 speed, it required an overclock to be applied to the CPU (either manually or via XMP) to hit that speed, UNLESS the CPU supported higher than standard speed natively. In which case an overclock would only be applied to the CPU if the RAM speed was above its native support. You'll have to forgive my ignorance, i only used XMP profiles once years ago, but ended up turning them off because it seemed to cause the occasional BSOD, i am a bit out of touch still with what has changed in the last few years. Is XMP something that the majority of people use? Linus seems to have a particular hatred of XMP.
  9. I have never bought AMD before, but i do know that XMP is an Intel thing. How exactly would you get the memory to run at its advertised speed on an AMD board? I have heard that the XMP profiles still work anyway, but does AMD have its own version?
  10. But to get the same memory speeds on the Intel it does adjust the clock speeds of the CPU right? My concern is whether this adds in another instability variable?
  11. Hmmm, but presumably on a 3900x then, it is only overclocking the RAM to bring it up to the natively supported speed of 3200mhz. For the Intel 9900k to use the 3200mhz memory it would also have to apply a slight overclock to the CPU too right?
  12. Hi everyone, I am going to be upgrading my computer quite soon but there are quite a lot of new developments since the last build i did (almost exactly 5 years ago), not least of which is AMD's resurgence. One thing i am curious about is the base memory speeds supported for the 3900x vs the 9900k. The 3900x has 3200mhz listed whilst the 9900k has 2666mhz listed as the base memory speed supported. Now of course you can use XMP to boost up your memory, but as i understand it it can be a bit jenky and cause system instability (i would prefer the best performance reasonably possible but with trouble free motoring). Am i right in assuming no profiles are required to use the 3200mhz memory on the Ryzen 3900x, since it is supported by the chip natively? What performance difference is there between the 3900x using 3200mhz RAM and the i9 9900k using 2666mhz RAM, given that the AMD has a slightly slower base clock but the Intel has slower base memory support? Thanks for any info you can offer or point me to to clarify this! Nozy