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  1. 100% active time but 0s for read/write sounds like a dead drive to me. Try to find if it is spinning by listening to it or touching it to feel for vibrations. If it's pegged at 100% and spinning you'll be able to tell easily.
  2. Hey all, I've agreed to help a friend of mine after she walked across shag carpet in socks and shocked her computer to death. (If only she were wearing an iFixit ESD strap.) I plugged her old drive into my laptop via a usb - 2.5" hdd adapter and found that her drive is detected, spins, and appears to have all the data intact. She wants at least her school files back but wouldn't mind a clone of her old computer, so my options are either to replace her new laptop's drive with her old one or use some sort of software to either clone her old drive to her new device or recover her files off of it. I tried pulling files off of her old drive just having it plugged in but was unsuccessful, as I was told by Windows that I did not have permission to access her drive's files. What would be the best way to accomplish this; Hardware replacement or Software transfer/clone? Could I just slap her old drive into the new computer and start it up good as new? (I really doubt it would be that easy) Thanks for your advice!
  3. Boot up with one stick at a time and run the windows memory diagnostic tool as an administrator. That could help you detect bad RAM from a hardware standpoint
  4. Any other graphics related problems or just this? That might be a good band-aid fix for it, just set to never sleep and turn off the monitor itself when you want to consume less power
  5. If your friend has bought a battery from that site before and trusts them, I'd trust them too. Depending on the model of your laptop, $50 might be the going rate. A replacement battery for my laptop was $30, so $50 doesn't sound too expensive to be unreasonable.
  6. So it won't turn back on after you try to wake it up from sleep mode?
  7. Try running RAM 1 stick at a time and switching between them
  8. What kind of error codes are you getting? It might be a RAM issue
  9. An approximate price for reselling it? Or to purchase all new components?
  10. I would try cloning the drive then and seeing if that helps. If not, I'm wondering if it might be a compatibility issue.
  11. How long does it last before locking up? If you can, download the drivers for your card from Nvidia's website onto a flash drive, and as soon as your system boots to desktop (if it can do that) install the drivers. This code can be caused by faulty drivers, incompatible hardware, conflicting programs (like two antivirus softwares running at once), or SSD firmware incompatibility / corruption. If you can't install drivers, or that doesn't help, try removing all but one stick of RAM, or just running 2 sticks in dual-channel (in alternating slots on the motherboard). You MIGHT (though I can't tell for sure) have bad RAM. If changing RAM helps, you'll need to test each stick individually through the Memory Diagnostic tool. It's a built in troubleshooting tool, just open the start menu and search for it, and run it as an administrator. Select the option to restart your PC and it'll check the stick for hardware issues. If that doesn't help, try reinstalling windows on your storage drive. That could tell you if you have a bad M.2
  12. Not trying to make you sound stupid, but have you installed windows onto the new drive? Or cloned your old drive onto your new one? Macrium Reflect has a free version that i used to clone my HDD to a new one, no problem. If you want to clone the drive you'll need a 2.5" to usb adapter cable - you can get one off amazon for about $10-15. If you want to install windows on the new drive, you'll need a 16 GB flash drive to make a windows media creation tool. Plenty of videos online that'll show you how. If it won't boot into bios, try hard stopping it by holding down the power button when it won't boot into bios. Wait a few seconds and turn it on again, and it should boot into bios as a software safety feature. I had a similar problem during a fresh install of windows on my desktop. If I had the media creation tool in, I would get a black screen and a boot error, and couldn't get into bios on my ASUS motherboard. Here's what I did: Insert media creation tool and boot up. When it fails to boot, hard stop by holding power button, then wait ten seconds after it turned off. Turn on again. Press F1 when presented with the American Megatrends page (or whatever key it tells you to press to get into bios) Go to the boot settings and either boot directly from the media creation tool (The only 16 GB drive detected) or move it to the top of the boot order. Exit the bios saving changes. That should get you to the media creation tool, which will let you install windows on the thing
  13. If the card is a bit too old for your motherboard, I'd try enabling legacy support for the graphics card in the bios