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  1. i HAD this problem with my fx 6300 aswell i fixed it by making sure my power was on max power state was at 100% not 99% and my power and energy slider was all the way to the right to best performance mode and it fixed my problem of only being able to max clock out at 2.97 on a overclock to normal 3.50 and above
  2. thanks for the help guys now i know where to start REALLY HELPFUL
  3. so i have an ASUS M5A97 R2.0 Motherboard and a AMD FX(tm)-6300 six core and a gtx 950 old PC but still games alright im looking to upgrade the GPU. Will my motherboard and cpu be alright to upgrade to say a gtx 1650 and see better fps or am i looking for a whole new system all together?