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  1. I want more diversity in teaching, just as many right-wingers as left-wingers. As many capitalists as socialists. Oh, and short people in the NBA, what's up with having all tall black men?
  2. Meh, just turn back the clock on the car and add a block to the ntp server, you'll be all set
  3. I put my boxes inside of other boxes, so the case box has all the other boxes. Takes up less space. But then end up throwing them out in around 5 years or so. Weird, isn't it? I do take the protective film off things though.
  4. So how exactly does it work? Is it just another recycle bin?
  5. If history is any indicator, after losing a ton of market share, Apple will form a alliance with other hardware vendors to make Apple clones. Once those clones are built and start shipping, Tim Cook will get fired and the next guy (so much for diversity) will immediately shut down the clones. Then they will go back to Intel. Rinse and repeat. What a fun ride!
  6. I'm willing to wager they're going to move to ARM and AMD, along with the rest of the industry. But who knows? Tim isn't exactly the most technical visionary.
  7. I got a Performa 638CD (still have it!), and a friend got one of the original PPC 6100's. My 638 blew the doors off the 6100, not just because he was emulating, but the enormous memory overhead of that whole subsystem. Probably gonna be the same way with these new Apple chips. One thing Steve learned was the value of commodity hardware, and the innovation that goes with it. I can't imagine going back to that whole custom proprietary stuff. Tim's lost the vision and lost the control. It's too bad. Time will tell. I hope you're right-but I know, based on having Apple computers back to the Apple 2 days, we've seen this before and it's not good.
  8. Who would buy a new Apple desktop or laptop in the next 2 years? And who would buy one of the first ones? I remember going through this malarkey when they moved to PPC. And back then they had Steve. I can't imagine Tim doing a good job here.
  9. Their first transition, from Motorola 68k series to IBM PowerPC used custom PowerPC chips from the "AIM Alliance" and did not end well, in fact ended in Steve Jobs himself announcing the switch to Intel at a WWDC keynote. The PowerPC was out of steam. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PowerPC OS/X, absolutely had "Fat Binaries", I still have all the beta and official CD's and DVD's. Heck, even have an old G4 "Yikes" model with the collection of posters they sent to us for being early adopters. Fun times! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fat_binary OS/9 had the "Classic Environment" I remember well. Made lots of money supporting lots of people with all their problems. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mac_OS_9 I predict they will transition to AMD before they fully transition to their ARM custom chips. People don't want that custom crap on their desktop. It's the Old Apple back to their old tricks. It's too bad.
  10. Everytime I see "Tiger Lake" I think about the great movie "What's Up, Tiger Lily?" I think they both have the same genesis.
  11. 1990's all over again. Remember PowerPC with the "velocity engine"? People will only put up with that crap for a while before they leave for industry standards.
  12. Robinhood is famous for people not knowing how to trade options, letting them trade options or have margin accounts way beyond their means. Apparently this isn't their first "glitch" https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-11-05/robinhood-has-a-glitch-that-gives-traders-infinite-leverage
  13. Thinking Masters of The Universe is next Or maybe Masters Degree? What's up with that?