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  1. ok ill get a DP to VGA cable then thank you lol figured but wanted to make sure, still learning about pcs every day ok thank you
  2. Hello all I have a question, I am Running a saphire RX 580 with 8GB and 2 x HDMI; 1 x DVI-D; 2 x DP 256-bit memory bus; Power consumption: <225Watt Cooling technology: Dual fan. OS-windows 10,7 Boost clock:1366 MHz. Im using both HDMI ports and have another monitor laying around that I wanted to hook up using a DVI-D to VGA cable or DP to VGA, is it possible for my card to run three monitors? Thank you
  3. So I tried rebooting the PC into windows safe mode and it wont even do that with the same error and stop codes, my guess is the HD failed all together? What can I do or is it toast? Thank you
  4. Hello all, my dads computer which is an older dell i want to say optiplex 780 is running windows 10 and has had some issues here and there but nothing too serious until now, it crashed on him and reboots to show the blue screen with : ( and saying your pc ran into and need to restart with the code Stop code : NTFS FILE SYSTEM shortly after it reboots and then appears another blue screen with the words RECOVERY your PC couldnt start properly saying it needs to be repaired with the code Error code : 0xc0000001 saying ill need to use recovery tools. What are the errors? How can I fix it? How can I get and use the recovery tools? Thank you all for the help!!!
  5. found the way to clear it, you go into steam into steamapps and into downloading, into common and delete them from there
  6. folder is empty and is located on my boot drive, Should I run disk clean up on all of my drives?
  7. no my boot drive is on another SSD and what risk is there to running the disk cleans
  8. So I bought an ssd drive for some of my games and pulled a few to be able to download some others onto it but the storage space hasnt gone down and when i redownloaded one of the games that I just deleted off of it it just took more storage space is there any way to free up some of the ssd storage or am i screwed. the SSD is a CORSAIR FORCE Series MP510 960GB NVMe PCIe Gen3 x4 M.2 SSD Solid State Storage, Up to 3,480MB/s thanks all for the help
  9. Why would it short out the board? Is it different power draws to each different cable?
  10. The motherboard is a MSI X470 Gaming Carbon Pro and the PSU is EVGA 650W
  11. Hello all, I recently swapped my motherboard and it has a spot for more power cables, my PSU is not modular and didnt come with more cables as far as i know (prebuilt PC) I was noticing that the PCI-E cables for the graphics card are the same and have two connectors. I was wondering if I could reroute the cables from the graphics card to the motherboard and reroute the mother board cables to the graphics card if that makes sense. Thanks all for the help.