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  1. Shipping not that much it's about 30$ if you just mail it like normal package. Yes shame it a 1155 board I looked online here hoping to get locally but there no change only ones I find are on newegg and they like 120 $ to 250$.
  2. So this is my frist love first pc I bought and bluid with my own pay check in 2011/2012. Now after years of having great time on this pc and going from 4GB 1200 ram too brand new 16gb kit also new gpu 1060gtx and highly recommend corsair h60 as a cool since I live in africa and it gets hot here. After all the installation of cpu cool all was well for 2019 but at end of feburary after I giving my younger brother time to play his games and I want to play I see pc just off. Turns on there a leak in my cooler dripped onto the gpu( pic incluced ) I panic it not turning on I clean the pc and pull psu hoping that it the only thing that got hurt. After that I released now one in town have a gpu I can use and test my beloved rig. So I had to ship the pc about 600miles to the company who sold me the cooler and gpu so the can see what they can do and this the email I get. Pic1 So after this am kinda happy and sad gpu works whooo motherboard dead they see no water damage on pc pic 2 3 4 well I can see a clear crack in the cooler and am like you telling me it fine?? Out whatever. So now what I want to try and do is fix this pc by myself and give to to my little brother so he can use it and play his game on it. Only problem I have is finding a 1155 socket motherboard and only places I see you can get 2nd hand ones are china or usa so I beg for help for linus and he team somewhere I a dark room at the back or in someone basement for this motherboard. Also they refused to refund the ram I bought a month ago also in the pics. Now I know what you going to say it be much easier to buy him a ryzen 5 or something along the lines of that I work and live I africa for me to buy a pc just from myself I have to not spent any money for 10 months so I have no choice but forget about getting a new pc. But just wana try put on my linus welding helmet and see if I can fix it so my brother can have as much fun on it as I have . Love you all community and team working for linus.