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  1. Tisham


    Budget tablet I could game on ....games like pubg maybe pubg lite
  2. Banglades... Asia.....from a store by running around .no AMAZON!!!!!
  3. Uder 500 us doller.....
  4. 1 Do i need good psu 2 Will rx 570 bottleneck i3 3 Will i be able to change cpu in future 9th motherboard 4 is 4 core enough because i have seen people using high end gpu with 2 core
  5. A cpu supports 2933 mhz ram so can i use smaller
  6. Yup....i will buy pc 4 5 month later ....i am digging and planning
  7. I need a budget build suggestion with budget gpu + poor casing, psu, hdd no sdd
  8. use i7 and good motherboard for future updates. I dont know about which gpu to use.....use small ram....etc
  9. I5 9100 + rx 550 vs i3 9100 + gtx 1050 Also is i3 future proof or can you suggest any 6core budget gpu
  10. Apu for low/ mid graphics and 1080 p for now.....i will get gtx1060 later....
  11. Can i play red dead redemption 2 on ryzen 5 3400g...... And..... Which gpu can be compared with it......is it good for future
  12. How about rx 560 / pulse readon rx 550 Oc(what is oc) rather than Vega 8
  13. And what I should for gpu
  14. now this is confusin... Thats why i am asking....i am in tight budget...Don'twant to use 450$ for 1 years of gaming