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  1. Dude, all the modern games with TAA or TXAA implementation are looking good even in 1080p. We all just have to live with it in older titles, when its seen it cant be unseen
  2. In metro its most useless option for me as it does have SSAA or ingame shading rate, on 4x its naturally 4k on 1080 screens Sadly cant have that in all games
  3. Dont know as i didnt try that. You may say graphic settings doesnt matter, but rtx brings that game its own atmosphere, check some comparisons There's no need to play 4k in modern games because taa fixes most of aliasings, as of clarity i dont really think its worth losing that much of frames and quality of textures/shadows
  4. Maybe buy ATX Titan Z in SLI and play in 240p? Looking better
  5. U joking dude? Even without RTX my man cant hold 1440p smoothly 60 not even on extreme. Maybe you are using some downsampling/downscaling of shadowrate and lowest preset?
  6. Here comes problem that i described with availability of 1440@60 with adaptive sync. Even with my 500$ ( in my country ) gpu i cant play witcher 3 60fps on 4k medium and that's 5 years old game. Dont wanna know what happens in path of exile for example, most unoptimized shit ever
  7. im not a console fan sorry. I love titles that are releasing out there, but I prefer pc gaming
  8. Also I want to add one question to the ones I asked before For that option of buying 4k@60 I have very good monitor in the shop near me LG 24UD58-B, everything suites me in it, from matrix to design, when in 1440p/144 I have only one option that fits my table and is TN :(, its HP 27xq, other choices are not very reliable because of their standing. I dont really wanna overpay for unneeded 144hz on 1440 monitor, that's my very big problem in choosing
  9. Hey forum. I recently got that famous problem of jagged edges, I naturally started seeing this shit in every second game i play except modern ones with TAA. This thing is bothers me so much, i cant play for example Hearthstone normally as fonts and textures of cards are just going crazy when moving them, dont know if it was happening before, but now it became problem to my mind and my eyes and i decided to change the monitor. Note: I dont need and dont respect 144HZ as an option because for me its only matter of habit to see 60hz as normal thing without stutters and i dont play shooters. So here's the question. Since my gpu is not very best , its RTX 2060 super, I understand that 4k gaming is not for me, im not very rich guy etc etc. I heard that people were talking that 1080 on 4k screens are looking cool,better than on 1440p screen, and im pretty sure some titles will do 1440p for me nicely on smooth 60's, so is it worth to get 4k screen instead of 1440p and unneded 144 fps with freesync, since there arent much choices to have freesync on 1440p@60, and play in 1080/1440p differing it from game to game? Or I should just go with 1080@75 with freesync? There's also the problem of watching movies and videos in 4k as my internet is very slow Grateful for all support i can get here
  10. yes there is, clearing and updating gpu bios in service center, but it seems that doesnt work too
  11. Sure thing, there's more profit in spending all the money in stronger rig and expensive 4k display, solves problem almost completely, 5 years later there will be 8k like 4k right now, no shimmering/jagged edges at all 100% true
  12. Changed CPU -> Changed mobo -> New clean bios -> this is coronavirus