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  1. So i just got a new monitor (Samsung sr32) And at first i couldn't get my pc to display anything I set the monitor hdmi mode to 1.4 from 2.0 and it then displayed but obviously at 1.4 can only run at 30hz I have a gtx 970 and updated the drivers but the problem still occurs the minute i switch it to hdmi 2.0 nothing displays Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. So ive just overclocked my ryzen 3600 to 4.375mhz at 1.28volts how does this stack up? good, bad, average? to other peoples results with these chips. Thanks
  3. ive seen a radeon wx4100 i know its not a gaming card, but im pretty sure its faster in games then an rx550?
  4. So i've been looking around the fastest GPU i can find that is single slot and low profile is the ft 1030 Does anyone know of anything faster in that form factor?
  5. cool seems pretty definative then 3600. thanks
  6. So I use my pc for a whole host of different tasks including gaming My question would be if i would benefit from the extra cores or the newer architeture on the 3600 (and supposed better gaming performance) Thanks!
  7. turns out it was the mobo when i replaced it with the new one all worked as usual, i looked at the old mobo from top to bottom to see if there was anything obviously wrong with it but couldnt find anything. Really strange but i have RMA'd it now. Thanks for your help.
  8. i checked both ram sticks individually and niether worked i dont have a mobo speaker so nothing at the moment, ive ordered a new mobo and cpu so i can find out what part is acttually wrong fingers crossed!
  9. ive just tried it no luck still
  10. I've got a 7870 that i can try I'll give that a go
  11. Not the best picture i took out the parts to test. The white CPU debug LED comes on as soon as i switch on the pc and just never goes off all of the fans spin that are connected if I click the power button off even to hold it nothing happens the only way I can switch off the system is on the power supply switch thanks !
  12. so some of the parts have been exchanged eg cpu and motherboard only have one of each, i just re ajusted the cpu still nothing the thing im confused about is why it would have worked before but now isnt
  13. so i started with a psu that was a couple years old ive just bought a new psu as of a few hours ago (corsair cx650)
  14. just tried it no luck unfortunatley