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  1. @myselfolli Do you know of anything
  2. @lewdicrous I thaught the exporting would give that away but never mind. Do you know of anything
  3. @myselfolli @lewdicrous I have hosting too... just need a builder
  4. I want a new PC (currently on AMD A4) but now where near enough money. At 14, is there any where I can work ? (UK)
  5. What website builder should I use thats free. I need drag and drop and need to export as HTML. Also no watermark please. I tried dreamweaver but it looks like I made a website in the early 2000s I have a domain and hosting
  6. @aisle9 Ok, guessing adblock to block their revenue
  7. @aisle9 Could you screenshoot it. Talktalk has blocked VPN's for me
  8. @wkdpaul I avoid them too but there "Insulin should be cheap. But its not" video drew me into it
  9. Try reinstalling windows with GPT system. (UEFI)
  10. Ignoring the swiss army knife PC video, would the verge still be considered reliable for the information they provide. Mistakes are made and maybe it was just a one off.
  11. @asand1 Found problem, u have to use 8GB or less USB
  12. Ironbru

    P106 GPU

    @SupaKomputa Can i just use integrated graphics with P106 as shown in linus's video