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    Computers, Programming, Cars(ish), History, Logic problems that destroy the brain.
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    Freelance IT support/programming
  1. njohnson3163 favorite: new network and NAS joystick review
  2. https://github.com/faftek/chat-application That's the code in its current, horrid form, I'll have a live version working soon
  3. Does anyone have ideas on software and/or websites that I could make just as a side project and work on open source? I'm just looking for projects that don't require all of my time but that I can spend a decent amount of time working on as I get time to work on it. So far I plan on making an application to check my bank status as I don't currently have one for windows phone. I'm also working on a VERY simple chat application that's encrypted, I'll post the github later if anyone at all is interested. I'm just looking for other ideas or anything cool to work on, any suggestions are appreciated!
  4. What password advisors? Also no offense if that seemed rude, potato is my generic term for shit PC.
  5. :notbad: and yeah I don't know what happens if someone tries to be bruteforced, however I'm also worried if there was a database breach/disgruntled employee. LOL good job tinypic... Has cracking really got that fast? Damn it used to be MUCH slower when I was doing it...
  6. Wiping is for the weak, the strong suck excess back in. Yeah I wish you luck! I'm 17 and in my area we have very few technology jobs within my commute range, hopefully it works better for you! Otherwise I would say try sites like odesk.com and see what you can do!
  7. Yeah well I mean at least he knows how to turn on a computer... He's got that going for him
  8. If you're really into tech, depending on your situation and age, I would say try to find an entry level job working on computers/building them, if in high school try to work with your school's tech department, that got me a summer job at $10 an hour. Otherwise if you're more the programming type then just work on your code and skill and hell you don't have to have a great computer, I started with notepad and now I make only sorta bad programs!
  9. My dad works mainly from home, so I have a separate network for him, and I'm currently moving from a room down to my recently(kinda) finished basement for an office space that I work and goof off from. I moved most of the equipment last night but forgot to switch over a network cable and SSID so the Wi-Fi was overlapping badly and his AP was disconnect from the internet, thus internet only worked in the basement. He woke me up this morning freaking out and yelling at me saying "NORTH KOREA MUST HAVE HACKED THE INTERNET IT'S NOT WORKING". That's how my day has been, I really hope you all don't have a family THIS bad...
  10. My online government class(I graduate a year early I'll probably make a thread about that later), work on my basement some more, maybe play a few games, and avoid my family at all costs.
  11. I've got my 280X up to a few million passwords a second, but for the hell of it let's say for some reason you're only getting 5 million a minute, this would equate to: 6.530347008 days of hashing to get the password. Of course all this is entirely relative to encryption types and how the password is stored(great youtube video explaining it above), so there's no best answer for it.
  12. it would take 30 years to crack on a potato, honestly I could crack that in a few minutes with GPU power
  13. OH that's no surprise, most spammers don't know their ass from a hole in the ground, did you make a backup and tell him that you're a nigerian prince with a large database you're willing to sell for $50,000? .... I don't think what I want to say is allowed...
  14. Oh god... Well I'm glad you got your stuff back, and started using more passwords oh boy, yeah I hate the days when friends go "how do you do that" and it turns into "I could tell you but I'd have to kill you" My bank has a 12 char limit... Oh and I'll use SHA-256 hashes at times for a pass just for the hell of it
  15. Here's mine: I went to setup my online account at fifth third bank today, and I found a little nugget of security gold, beating out even anything that Sony did: SPECIAL CHARACTERS ARE NOT ALLOWED. ON A BANKING WEBSITE. THE SAME WEBSITE WHERE I MAY TRANSFER MONEY BETWEEN ACCOUNTS AND EVEN TRANSFER MONEY TO OUTSIDE BANKS. OH AND IT HAS MY CONTACT INFO Sorry for the rant there, this just made me bash my head into a wall, especially in light of the Sony hack, and the fact it is extremely insecure. Needless to say I'm now at a local credit union that forces secure passwords. So I'm intrigued into what everyone else's most cringeworthy internet security moment is, anything from using password123 as your password for an email to a former boss keeping an excel sheet of all passwords.