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  1. My pc has a 7600k and this motherboard i recently started testing some mild overclocks, for the past month i have been running 4GHz no problem, up from the stock 3.8. But my bios for some reason isn't allowing me to enter a multiplier higher then 42. and even weirder, no matter what stress test/load i put on it, with the multiplier at 42 in my bios, task manager and HWmonitor both show my cpu's clock speed at 4GHz even though it should be at 4.2 from what i understand. I'm new to overclocking and any help would be appreciated
  2. im sorta looking for the biggest display that would fit in this area where none of my components are
  3. I have a phanteks eclipse p400s and was thinking of putting a screen inside the case (in the location outlined in red in the picture attached) there's a decent amount of space for a lcd or similar display. This would be my first time working with displays like this, I was wondering what would i need to do to get the display to go to my motherboard/graphics card would i need something like this? or this? and where would be the best place to start looking for a display for this application?