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  1. Because at some points the gpu will be at 80 Percent running great then drop to 50 percent
  2. Does usage being low have to deal with drivers aswell
  3. It’s not just that the FPS goes mad like it will be 180 then drop to 100 then 120 then 100 it’s all over the place
  4. No because the FPS goes up and down so often going from 180 to like 100
  5. My rig RTX 2070 super i7-9700F 16gb DDR4 ram 650 watt psu in every single game I play the gpu stays between 50-60 percent while the cpu is at 80 or above ive tried DDU installer reinstall drives used nvidia control panel set to high performance regular control panel high performance defrag my HDD uninstall reinstall games but yet nothing works it can’t be heat because my cpu is water cooled staying around 60 gpu does get up into the 80- 82 but I don’t know how to fix it games I’ve tried risingstorm 2 Vietnam insurgency sandstorm PUBG csgo battlefield 1 rust rainbow six siege mordhau gta 5 dayz nothing seems to work
  6. I have a i7-9700F so it doesn’t have integrated graphics I was thinking about it today could not having integrated graphics make my cpu slower even though I have a gpu rtx 2070 super or do PC’s even use integrated graphics when the gpu is present such as the i7-9700k which is better than my cpu just wondering because it made me think because not having integrated graphics my processor was slower
  7. I was messing in bios to figure out which would be better to get some more performance I have speed step on auto but someone told me to turn on they also said turn off cpu c-states and to enable multi core enhancement and turn on speed shift technology I have a i7-9700F and Asus motherboard and I’m pretty new to this so help would be appreciated