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  1. i recently upgraded my pc and it never happened to that older one, and when i say disconnect, my pc tells me there is no cable plugged in when there clearly is
  2. i have tried that but to no avail so thanks for ur help
  3. my lan on my newly built PC just stops working and disconnects entirely every hour on the dot, does anyone know why this is, and its not because of power saving options, i have gotten the latest network drivers, i have tried changing the cable and my pc is connected through a switch
  4. it doesnt fix it, soz for the bad response times
  5. Im using a switch and I have the latest drivers but I haven’t tried switching the cable yet so I will try that now
  6. i have just newly built a pc and im having an issue where the pc disconnects completely from the LAN every hour and the only way to fix it is to restart my PC, and i have tried turning off all the Ethernet power saving options but they do nothing can anyone help my specs are: ryzen 5 3600 2080 super gigabyte b450m aorus elite motherboard 700w psu
  7. i have plugged my mic into a different device so it works perfectly fine
  8. are you sure your phone supports a mouse
  9. it still does not im wanting the rear mic input to start working, the front one works well but the audio has static in it which the rear one does not and when i plug it into the back, it is telling me that it is not plugged in when it physically is so what i am wondering is if the port is dead or if there is some sort of setting to enable to make the port work
  10. it does not i have already tried this option and have had no luck i have seen posts online about other people saying that their rear mic input was by default disabled but no one said how to enable it
  11. is there any possible way to change my default mic input from the front of the pc to the back because the audio works but the mic input only works at the front. can i change it in windows settings or is the port at the back just dead. when i plug it in at the back, my pc does not recognise that it is plugged in and thinks there is nothing plugged in there and when i plug it into the front it recognises it then. does anyone know how to fix this?