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  1. If i dont go into the bios i get stuck here, and sometimes it says automatic repair
  2. The pc is 2 years old and im stuck at the screen were it tells you pres del to open bios, and if im fast enough the only things i can do is open the bios Gpu 1070 msi 8gb Cpu ryzen 7 1700 Motherboard msi b350
  3. The pc does boot its just stock in the bootup screen and i cant do anything and if i let the pc keep being on my gpu starts to get really hot after a few min
  4. Their is a problem i cant use the pc, bcs its stock in the startup boot
  5. Its a 1070 msi 8gb And when i turn my pc it det Stock on the start bootup screen, my gpu stops spinning when my power cable to the cpu is in
  6. When i turn on my pc it get stock in startup screen and my gpu fan stops spinning after 5 sec, but they only stop when my cpu power cable is on, so does anyone know how to fix?