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    Asus ROG Strix Z270i Gaming
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    Team Vulcan 16GB DDR4 RAM
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    Geforce GTX 1080 Ti
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    Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX
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    1TB M.2 SSD
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  1. Update: Did not want to revive an old thread, but I wanted to provide what fixed my issue just in case anyone in the future looks at this thread to try to fix this or a similar problem. Good luck! The problem seems to be fixed. What I did was I first wanted to identify if it was a hardware or software problem. I tried formatting my drive and clean installing Windows. That did nothing, so I knew it was a hardware issue. I then removed the GPU and the RAM. I thought it was highly unlikely that it was the CPU, so I didn't bother with it. I made sure all the power cables were fitted correctly, both on the motherboard and the PSU side. Re-seated all the other cables on the mobo, just in case. Put everything back together, and issue is fixed. Has not rebooted since. If I had to guess, I think one of the power cables just came loose during the road trip.
  2. I just have 1 m.2 SSD on the back of the mobo, and no I never took it out.
  3. I did just move about 800 miles and took my PC with me on my car. However I made sure the PC would take the transport as best it could. I removed the GPU and CPU cooler before putting it in my car, and separated them. Before the move, the PC was totally fine. Basically what is happening is that at times, the PC freezes for about 2 seconds and then restarts. No blue screen. And every time it happens, it's within about 30 seconds of Windows booting. I already tried updating the Bios, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, and turning off the overclocks. Already checked temperatures on idle and gaming, they're all good. Any ideas? Was thinking about possibly reinstalling Windows. i7 7700K Team Vulcan 16GB RAM Asus Z270i GTX 1080 Ti
  4. Using a Dell S2716DG, and set my color settings on the monitor and Nvidia Control Panel. When the system starts, it starts on those color settings, but resets to the default for some reason. Tried uninstalling and re-installing Nvidia drivers, factory resetting the settings on the monitor, searched for a solution online, nothing. Any ideas?
  5. While gaming, CPU usually hovers around 65c and GPU, if the game is really demanding, around 78-80c
  6. Lately I've been itching to add 2 140mm fans at the top. Currently have a 200mm in the front, and the 2 140mm for the Noctua NH-D15. Would the 2 fans at the top make any kind of impact? Currently already have positive air pressure.
  7. Well, replaced the thermal paste with Arctic Silver 5, and problem solved. 15°C reduced on average across the board. Also, the screws on the back were a bit loose, don't know if that contributed too. That begs the question though... I've had the GPU for roughly 7 months. How does the thermal paste go bad that quick?
  8. PSU fan is facing down, and most of the time I was playing, I was worrying about the GPU temps and my room getting uncomfortably hot
  9. Hey guys, I have a EVGA GTX 1080 ACX 2.0 that's running really hot when playing games. Just played the Battlefront 2 Beta and hottest it got was 91c. It's not overclocked. Fans don't have much room with the PSU basement, but should it really be getting this hot?
  10. PC specs on the signature. I already have my OC stable, 4.9Ghz @ 1.35V. Now I just want the voltage to be lower when it's not gaming, but it's always running at (around) 1.35V. Current settings on the bios:
  11. I actually prefer large air coolers. My personal favorite is the NH-D15. Works really well, even better than some AIOs, and pretty quiet.
  12. Current OC is 4.9Ghz @ 1.35V. Ran Aida64 for over an hour, and it looks really stable. The problem comes in when I set the voltage to adaptive mode. On idle, the voltage is currently sitting at 1.375v, and max it's gotten to is 1.392. Haven't tried gaming on it yet. PSU is EVGA 600W1 171005181314.BMP 171005181250.BMP
  13. So here's something strange. In the city, that's where my biggest problem is. I understand there are buildings and more things for the GPU to render, but the usage is around 55-65% in the city. Country area, around the military base or the prison, usage jumps to 85-95% and FPS is perfectly fine in triple digits, avg. looks like around 120fps.