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  1. You folks are mighty awesome. It worked! I did end up redownloading and creating the bootable USB stick again. But I have a feeling formatting the drive is what did it. It had a windows install, then I tried installing xubuntu, then tried lubuntu. At no point did I completely erase the hard drive. So I downloaded DBAN, booted it from the USB and formatted the drive. I didn't try running 'sudo apt update' from terminal but maybe if someone else runs into this that could be a fix. If I ever win the lottery I'm coming back to this thread and I'm going to get everyone some A&W or a bucket of chicken or something really nice like that. Really appreciate the help. You all have the best weekend ever!
  2. I do have an ethernet cable connected to the laptop so that shouldn't be an issue. No issues with network when running ubuntu from a USB drive so that shouldn't be a problem. I will trying formatting the disk. I've just been removing and changing partitions in the installer so fingers crossed that might be it. I'll try re downloading the ISO too. I'm on it!! Thanks for the help friends!
  3. lubuntu - 19.10 xubuntu - 20.04 Both are 64bit if that matters.
  4. Hi Friends. So I have an old laptop An HP 15-d027ca. Dinosaur. Only use it for youtube. Windows 10 is alright but only having 1Ghz is getting rough so gave linux a try. I can boot into Linux from a USB no problem. Runs perfectly with no issues. I wanted to run it alongside Win10 but was having issues so wiped the drive and am going to keep it strictly linux. I started with xubuntu but ran into an issue installing grub. Failed install. So tried lubuntu and it worked good enough so tried to install that. Here is a screenshot of whats happening I've tried manually creating partitions(found some people doing different partitions than others so tried both combinations). I let the installer wipe the drive and create the partitions its itself. Always get the same error. I went into the BIOS and played with every possible setting. Changing legacy support, secure boot, virtualization technology. Any possible thing until I exhausted all options. The BIOS is lacking in settings. I paid $250 for this laptop 6 years ago so it's minimal. There's tutorials about how to set it up to dual boot but now that I wiped the drive there's not much for this issue on a clean install. I tried 2 different USB's and 2 different iso's two times each one in case something was messed up when I created them but get this error every time. Does anyone know what this means? I'd be all for trying a different distro if this error would go away and it'd be easier. All I need is firefox, and the ability to use add ons with it. I'm just not sure if this will be a problem with all linux software or maybe just this one. For what I do I could just run it off a USB but I'd end up snapping it off one day while it's plugged in lol. Any help would be awesome.
  5. lol it's all good. I don't have the budget but if it would be a nightmare and I'd run into cooling issues I'd rather figure out some kind of alternative. I'd be even sadder if I try something with this one and a few months in things start burning out. Back in the day I was all in with building up PC's but for some reason got a laptop and stayed with them. Dell XPS m1710. Thing was awesome(aside from replaceable graphics constantly burning out). So I'm completely out of the loop with tower PC's. I do currently keep files and have plex running on the one I was thinking of converting so I will not be selling it. My current laptop has a Ryzen 7 3750H with a GTX 1650. For what I'm used to that's top of the line right there! Games actually look surprisingly great on it. I appreciate the cold hard truth from both of you. I'll probly just start slowly buying parts and get something built up. I'm far from being used to top of the line anything so am certain I could get it done pretty cheap. As long as it's done before the laptop burns out that's a win in my book. Thanks friends!
  6. Hi Friends, I need to thank you all ahead of time. I did research but am hoping to get some help on this. I'm attaching a picture of the inside of the case if it helps. I can't afford to make a mistake. I have an old computer I got from work and want to turn it into a modest gaming machine. Only need help with a graphics card. I've gamed on laptops my entire life. Want to change that. Here's the info. I have a lenovo thinkcentre mt-m 7518. Made in 2012. Low profile to the max. 240W power supply. It says they can also come with "320W, 90plus, auto-sensing" but I can't figure out what to search to find it. Tried several sites. Custom PC I could figure it out but I'm having a hard time with such a dated company specific case. Horrified thinking I'd buy the wrong thing. I've seen people say this card will work: https://www.newegg.com/msi-geforce-gtx-1050-ti-gtx-1050-ti-4gt-lp/p/N82E16814137081?cm_re=1050_ti_low_profile-_-14-137-081-_-Product It uses 75W but recommends a 300W power supply. My current supply is 240 Watts. It's a 4G card which would be perfect. The PC has an intel i5-2400 @ 3.1Ghz 4GB ram but plan to update to one stick of 8 and eventually 16GB Definitely zero overclocking. If I game that's it. No multi tasking or running any power through USB. CD drive I can disconnect if that makes a difference(probly will regardless for better airflow). Have an HDD but I'd rather switch to an SSD to reduce power vs getting new power supply. Will the card I mentioned above work? I'd want a 4G card. Anything less would be a little rough. I'm pretty sure that card is good but worry about power. Total noob. I gotta head to bed but will pop in tomorrow. Any advice or help I'd forever be in your debt. If I had some kind of power tester thing I'd plug it in to see how power it draws but have no such thing. She's a rinkity operation. Thanks for any help.
  7. Hmmm weird. Yeah it's odd. What gets me is I never had this problem on my old laptop. I have all the drivers installed from the ASUS site and did go on a hunt trying a few other ones but to no avail. Back in school I was known as the defrag kid. So won't be that. Just recently I wiped them both clean and started fresh as well. I may just have to concede that having an I think 8+ year old hard drive is not only foolish but also dumb considering whats on them lol. It's just weird. I have USB thumb drives that are 3.0 and they work as they should so don't think it's a driver problem. I'm just sad I bought this and not a desktop since all it does is sits on my desk 24/7. But way she goes. Thanks for the info!
  8. Hi all! I've been pulling out my hair for a month. So much time looking everywhere to figure this out but I'm lost. I have an Asus FX705DT Laptop. It has: 2x USB 3.0 1x USB 2.0 I attached a screenshot of the USB transfer speed. I have a 4TB seagate srd00f2 USB 3.0 hard drive. When I plug it into the 3.0 connection it will copy at 400+ MB/s then immediately drop and show it's copying at a few kb/s but there is zero activity in task manager. If I plug it into 2.0 it does the same thing. 400+ MB/s then drop. As you can see in the attached image it will copy at around 7MB/s, then spike up past 200+MB/s, then back down to 7MB/s over and over. The first 5 smaller peaks is all the same file. It wasn't copying more than one file during that time. If I plug into USB 3.0, delete the USB driver, and reinstall it. It will copy around 15 MB/s steady the whole time with no peaks. But once I unplug the drive, if I want it to work on USB 3.0 again I need to uninstall the driver again or it starts at 100MB+/s, then just comes to a crashing stop. Its so weird. If I'm copying multiple files around 1GB each, it will speed through and copy 400MB of each file instantly, then it slows to 7MB until the start of the next file where it zooms through almost half the file again then back to 7MB. Unless its a large file it will peak up and down over and over like I mentioned above. I have other USB 3.0 devices and none of them do this same thing. Both 3.0 ports work 100% perfect with other devices. But I do have a Logitech G502 wired mouse that doesn't work on the 3.0 but works on the 2.0. It makes no sense. I wiped this laptop when I bought it and reinstalled windows. Went to Asus website and installed all drivers. I have 2 of the 4TB hard drives(Both identical bought at same time) on my past laptop which had one 3.0 port both drives worked flawlessly on it. But now out of the blue neither work on this laptop. I reinstalled windows a second time to see if it would help but no luck. If any of you can offer even a speck of advice I would be forever in your debt. So many hours and I have no clue. Just in case it helps I've got Windows 10 Home AMD Ryzen 7 3750H 16 Gigs Ram