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    Z68xp ud3p
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    16 GB Crucial
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    Radeon RX480 8GB
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    Corsair 300R
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    BeQuiet! 650W
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    LG Ultrawide 21:9
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  1. @karmakazzii Hey, sorry for late response. Thank you for nice interesting article,explanation about your sound cards.I was googling a bit about DS2416 and looks like a very 'rock' piece of hardware. It's nice ,how somebody(including me create specific relationship with HW and sometimes is hard to say good-bye to it... Control app. is via HOSTS ? ,it's disadvantage and pity, it doesn't have 64bit drivers!Your 32bit operating system can't use more RAM now... Fortunately, my E-MU DSP card-WDE,ASIO2 drivers works fine under W7 x64. About AMD:My first own computer I builded was with AMD processor:Server Dual core Opteron 180,(soc.939).My parents use it still until now.Then Intel hit AMD with Core2D. My next CPU build (in 2012 yr.) was IvyBridge 22nm, I'm using still until now...Motherboard with two PCI legacy slots there !! So ,does that PCIe > to PCI converters work fine ? I'm worried about some issues,delays or more compatibility not working features.. Thanks for your response again! edit:Stay in good health. TS my App E-MU control panel: https://i.imgur.com/60EjdFT.jpg
  2. I joined this calculating with F@H and I'm fascinated about huge interest.I will have better feeling when I have connected and joined... seriously
  3. Hi everyone,who are folding...I'm new user of F@H too. Is this right set up my F@H like on the sreenshot ? Is it calculating proteins for Covid? One more question: Where can I download F@H 64bit version for Windows? Thanks for replies Hey gamers,have a brake of playing games and start folding....:)
  4. Hi! I would like ask,is there 64bit version of F@H for Windows ? Thanx
  5. No more these MoBo's at the stock here. Thank you guys for nice tips !!!
  6. Hunsnotdead :"supports everything from 8100 to 9900k plus some Xeon models nobody ever heard of"... Especially I was looking for Xeon E-2236 6c/12th,Cache 12 MB ,TDP 80 W for this C246 M.B. Ah yes,that Asus PRIME X370-A looks great.(PCI slots included ) M.2 slot too.No chipset fan .I like it. I missed this one MB before. edit: hmm,there is at first post of this topic hehe The price is exactly €100,- here in market, still avaiable.If this MB supports Ryzen 3000 ,that would be great !(updated bios). I think,R5 3600 6c/12th would be good/best choice for me. Thanks a lot.
  7. Thank you so much hunsnotdead for your respond !!! I found some nice 'modern' motherboard GIGABYTE C246-WU4 ,maybe to build my own ,,workstation'' .Its not for Ryzen, but Intel brand,thinking to put there Xeon 6/12 CPU (1151 socket).Oh no,Intel again That Gigabyte Z370 HD3P looks promissing too(better price!) Yeah ,about that drivers,I agree with you.Fortunately that drivers(Win 7,Vista drivers) for E-MU soundcards works in Win10 too,,phew. I own one Audiotrak soundcard (low profile) too.Drivers work fine. I'm using W7 still...I know, support ended OK,thanks again for nice reply
  8. AM4 motherboard with legacy PCI After years same problem here for upgrade to AMD Ryzen.I own E-MU 1616m PCI soundcard longer time,the best Pro audio inetrface I ever have for good price ,but problem is,there are no PCI on new AMD motherboards.OK. So,let me explain why not reason to change to common soundcards for example like soundblaster,xsonar or integrated soundcard on the motherboard. First is software.It is similar like graphic developers.But there are audio producers too. I mean software like: Control panel of soundcard, native ASIO drivers (no Asio-for-all),WDM ,hardware connection and many possibilities of this soundcard...MIDI connection,MIC inputs,SPDIF output,input, 44.1khz,48,88.2,96,176.4,192kHz sample rates, etc...and the most important reason to stay with this hardware is PatchMix panel DSP -Integrated hardware zero latency accelerated panel mix to setup and control your soundcard in many options.Great. Common soundcards is for gamers,not for producers! I don't need any 3D,5.1 or 7.1 surround sound or some "Crystallizer"... There are so many videos,articles ,discussions about : ""Do you need soundcard in 2020 on your new motherboard ?"" ofcourse not.I don't......I am a gamer. Do you need graphic card ? ofcourse not,I'm a music producer... magic circle.... Like you can see the example of mixpanel on the picture,that's very important to me,why this kind of PCI soundcard. I would be apreciate ,if you never say,you don't need soundcard interface. Can you tell it to graphic designer? :"" You don't need Professional graphic card""? ...there is integrated graphic in processor.....