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  1. No. And i don't know how to do that
  2. And when the cpu is cold it still 800 mhz.
  3. I started world of Warcraft Warth of the lich king everything at max and opened cpuz and core speed is 800 mhz
  4. So i have Intel Pentium M 760 2GHz that's running on 800mhz I don't know why can some one help me.pls
  5. Guys i have some very good news. Somehow my cpu started working idk how my laptop was powered on whole night and cpu started working im so happyy!! Guys thanks soo much that you tried to help me ly so much
  6. Thanks to LukeLinusFanFic he sugested me Linux mint and it works better that Windows 7
  7. Yea. I have Fujitsu Simens AmiloM3438G and cpu is removable and it can be changed
  8. My laptop isn't overheating and i got good power to my laptop. I used different CPU on my laptop and same thing. Myb the problem is in sensor for heat?? Myb thats broken and its acting like the CPU is overheating and CPU is lowering speed.
  9. I downloaded Throttlestop and when i started it my laptop freezed. I restarted my laptop and started again throttlestop and same thing happend. Quick update i just started throttlestop and i got BSOD
  10. my system is using High Performance power plan. my system was plugged in now i added a good battery and its charging. this is that i find in advanced power plan options.
  11. i dowloaded HWiNFO here is a picture
  12. when i open chrome my cpu usage is 100% and when i check cpu its still 800mhz and its the same when i start a game it looks like its locked on 800 mhz