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  1. the mobo is an x470, the bios isnt holding it back, the chipset is
  2. I have a 2700x but I will definitely upgrade in the near future
  3. Im not sure i get what you mean by software inconsistencies. Do you mean new drivers? Updates to windows? Updates in general? And how would this affect m y gaming experience whatsoever?
  4. Ive heard nvidia is better about driver support...
  5. i am willing to upgrade to a 3900x if need be (or better yet a 4900x).
  6. wdym left to their own devices and unchecked
  7. Seeing a build has never made me feel this rich. I'm over here throwing the budget out the window and this guy is struggling to get a decent 1080p machine for a small price.
  8. So will a 2700x and 2 x 16 ddr4 3600 cl18 ram run the latest and greatest games at 1440p ultra 144 fps? And if that's a yes, how about with ray tracing?
  9. I was originally going to buy an rx 5700, then i realized im not cheap so i decided i was going to get an rx 5700 xt, then i realized rtx is pretty cool so why not get a 2070 super, but then i was like "ya know what, screw it. I'll buy a 2080 ti." When i realized the 3080 ti is coming soon i decided to scrap all my previous plans, wait til june, and get a free rx 570 from a friend in the meantime.
  10. 3900x will have better performance when it comes to tasks other than gaming so i assume that your PC wont only be used for gaming so the 3900x is probably a better buy. Don't even consider the 3950x over the 3900x because the performance gap in games is negligible and the price is much more. The 9900 KF is the best cpu for gaming currently and a 2080 should pair nicely with either cpu. I personally am rocking a 2700x and i have a free rx 570 from a friend to tide me over until the 3080 ti launch. I think the 3900x is the better choice and i will personally be buying it in the future.
  11. the x470 mobo says it only supports up to 3466 so does 3600 actually give me any speed above 3466 on this mobo?
  12. You could also reseat your parts. That sometimes works.
  13. So basically i have 2x16 ddr4 3600 cl18 ram. The Asus X470 Prime Pro only goes up to 3466 speeds. Would dialing back the speeds to 3466 and tightening the timings just be free performance?
  14. on another note, is it worth getting a quadro k4000 or a 1650 super as a physics card?