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  1. Is your time in settings set to automatic? I had the same problem when I had to change the date manually for something and forgot to change it back to automatic. The browser's would think the year was 2015 or whatever time was set to in settings, so it would say the cert is invalid.
  2. No the 2700x doesn't have integrated graphics, you will need a graphics card
  3. Even when professionals do it in clean rooms there's still no guarantee they can recover all the data. Opening up hard drives outside of a filtered environment will let contaminates in to the hard drive and decrease the likely hood of recovering data. I'm not really sure what your options are at this point, I would consider the drive dead.
  4. The drive is almost certainly dead. If the fall by some miracle didn't kill the drive, taking it apart almost certainly finished it off (assuming you didn't do it in a clean room."
  5. Both the PS4 and Xbox have HDMI 1.4, so getting a 2.0 or 2.1 cable will not change anything. If I remember correctly the main difference between HDMI 1.4 and 2.0 is that 1.4 can only do 4K at 24 fps, while 2.0 can do 4k at 60 fps. I'm not sure what you mean by "better speeds", but since your tv is only 1080p and your consoles have HDMI 1.4, there would be no benefit to getting better cables.
  6. I’m not sure what it’s for, but yours isn’t the only one that has it, this pic from PC Perspective also has it, so it doesn’t seem to be a manufacturing defect or mistake.
  7. The reason using the included psu is not recommended is because most case manufactures just put in the cheapest one they could get to save cost on the case. What power supply do you have? There should be a model number and/or wattage information on it somewhere.
  8. Just wanted to say that I just experienced the same thing, Newegg said expected arrival date was 5-7 business days, while amazon said April 21. I ordered some stuff on Newegg yesterday and I got an email today that the shipping label was created, but not yet shipped. Interesting part is the shipping label says estimated arrival date is tomorrow, so not sure how accurate that is since I chose free shipping and I don't think Newegg has 2 day shipping.
  9. I’m not sure what the problem could be, but the hd audio connector is keyed so you can’t plug it in backwards. Have you tried downloading the drivers from the motherboard maker’s website?
  10. Welcome to the forum! Although the computer might just turn on and work, there’s a high chance that you will have some problems or bugs. It’s always recommended to do a clean install of windows when you upgrade a platform, especially when going from Intel to AMD or the other way around.
  11. Not sure if you already know this or not, but T-Mobile has giving 20GB more hotspot/tethering to its customers, so you can use hotspot until you figure out a way to tether data.
  12. I stated in my first comment that the 5700 series doesn't support crossfire, but that some games do support multi-gpu. I am aware of the difference between crossfire and multi-gpu.
  13. Reread my first comment, that's exactly what I said.
  14. Does "in crossfire mode" not mean 2 cards? I'm not aware of a way to run one card in crossfire mode. Also OP later said they will get 2 cards.
  15. I looked at the price of 2 5700 XTs and looked for what card could be purchased for that price, hence the RTX 2080 Super.