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  1. my ISP is bt i really want to use the asus rog as it just cost me £230
  2. Hi guys i live in the uk and just got the Asus Rog Rapture GT-AC2900. it arrived today and i thought it would work on a vdsl connection but it dont seem to do i need to buy a modem and if i do could somone recomend one i have never had a modem/ router split before.
  3. i think the hardest part is using things like Radiant black, unreal engine, stutering, 100% cps usage the ram makes sence as when i use a compiler it litteraly maxed out my ram
  4. games that i like to play are call of duty bo3 and newer, wow sometimes lol im a multi gamer as i enjoy sscouring games for cool ideas for my own work. on the new call of duty i get insane artifacts on my screen,
  5. thank you this is one thing i was worried about i was not prepaird for the cpu coming without a cooler, which is a real pain in the ass when you didnt plan for it,
  6. Hi guys, my name is ronnie scofield, i used to own a computer repair sshop over here in the uk until i took in my 2 nieces due to taking them in and last year being diagnosed with a braid tumor i have been somewhat out of the computing businese. that being said i have now had my surgery but as you can imagine my brain is nowdays a little fuzzy and also as a result i also have now become deaf which really sucks as i dont know how to really enjoy watching linus tech tips now days i try using a text to speach but we all know how bad those are just as cortana, alexa or google home lol. my dream prior to all my life changes was to become a level designer either professional or to cure the hobbiest inside me. i saved for a long time to get the pc i now have only i dont think i took the step, pc specs: CPU, i9 9900k GPU, RTX 2060 standard MB, Gigabyte Z390 gaming x RAM, Vengane LPX DDR4 2133 MHz x24GB PSU, corsair 550w non modular storage, 1TB Sabrent rocket nvme m.2 OS, windows 10 pro Monitor, 1x Samsung 4k my problem is it feels so slugish when im trying to work and or game its to a point where im struggling to have the drive to do it because it just don't feel smooth. i spent all i had on this system as you can imagine im not working atm so not sure if i can do any upgrades. but i would love any form of advice, help from you guys please go easy on me im not trying to beg or anything im just clutching at strings. my cinebench score is 4237 pts ps ive cleaned the heatsink since taking this picture today