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  • Birthday June 8

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    Tainted (/profiles/qqqube)
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    Manila, PH
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    PC Gaming. Also computers.
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    Professional hipster hunter


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    i5 4670k
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    Gigabyte G1.Sniper M5
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    8gb C. Vengeance 1866mHz
  • GPU
    Sapphire R9 290 Tri-X
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    Shinobitch (window)
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    480GB Crucial M500, 1tb Caviar Blue
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    Corsair RM750
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    23" Philips IPS LED (1080p), 20.5" dusty LG IPS Monitor
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    Razer Blackwidow 2013 ( Horrible Quality. Get other mechanical keyboard brands)
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    Razer Mamba 2013
  • Sound
    Samsung DA-F61, Sennheiser HD 215
  1. Lol'd at number 5 But seriously If I win I wouldn't buy a quad titan setup asap, I'd start my own PC Hardware shop so that way I can always have the latest products and be able to sell them.
  2. Ubisoft said Watch Dogs was best played on PC. Despite better graphics, that shit was slow, buggy and almost unplayable at release. You know shit goes down when publishers lie about ports. On the bright side, they can never port most strategy/simulation games on a console. We may have shitty ports, but there's always a ton of mods for them. Take GTA 4 for example, youtube has a lot of videos for mods for it (iron man was the best for me)
  3. its safe, with links from PC Gaming sites like cheapshark its kinda like gog for me but with with new games and lots of awesome vouchers definitely not those shady russian gamecode sites
  4. midrim

    cpu or gpu

    Normally I wouldn't skimp that big on a CPU because I can always upgrade or SLI/CF a gpu. That doesn't mean you should get an extreme edition cpu and a gtx 560. (This happens quite more often than you think) Balance is key.
  5. midrim


    It's a new story, so no. But I suggest you try San Andreas, since it's one of the best for me in the series and it has the same place in GTA V. It's a 2004 game though so expect graphics from that era.
  6. funny how when it was released on 360/ps3 every pc gamer was giving rockstar the finger after a year of insulting our master race they suddenly announce it for PC and ya'll acting as happy as the time you built your PCs'. Sad how I see a majority pre-ordering it. Turncoats everwhere. I'll still buy it, after bugs get fixed. But if it turns out to be another overhyped unoptimized drm-enforced poopsmear like Watch Dogs then the game will be entering my computer through a nifty little green peer sharing program. I still have hopes for it being the dreamcrusher of many last gen consoles considering it the PC version was developed alongside the Xbone and PS4.
  7. There could be an adapter, which in in typical apple standard be an overpriced junk.
  8. you didnt even specify the console games that are coop exclusive to consoles
  9. midrim

    Survival Games

    erm...well what survival game should I play then? As for Rust...I like the concept of mindlessly throwing rocks at everyone but I don't really feel like giving Garry some money not especially since that PCG interview. I'm not gonna touch early access games unless its really THAT good.
  10. midrim

    Survival Games

    funny how the reviews on "everything else" are mostly positive but the reviewers have only played for less than 4 hours. Despite their steam profiles look decent. It's still fishy.
  11. midrim

    Survival Games

    I've noticed a big explosion of survival games on Steam like DayZ and Rust. Anyone here who can recommend me a few and break down the details for me? I started itching to try one of these games but the the ridiculous amount of new indie stuff appearing is making me confused on what to buy. edit: p.s. noone has mentioned fallout 3 and NV! on of my most fave games
  12. For US/EU companies their products are a bit more expensive but given our close proximity to Taiwan some products are cheaper/as cheap in the US like ones from Asus, Gigabyte and MSI and Bitfenix.