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Everything posted by ihaveanissue22

  1. tried using ddu but i cant find crimson drivers you got any links
  2. after i download correct drivers from amd it wont let me open up amd radeon setting or the app and when i try it gives me this error ive tried numurous windows install none changing and when i launch anything needing dx 10 11 or 9 it gives me error and closes i should no be getting these problems with a brand new card its an rx 5500 xt any ideas bios flash or what amy help is good
  3. i was trying to get the realtek sound drivers working and i got a deep sleep error any help?
  4. ok ill try it in compat mode thanks ill get back to you on that
  5. otherwise if no one can help you in terms of reballing if you are up you can contact me it involves an oven but every time in terms of dp and hdmi problems works everytime and its easy
  6. ima be honest i want to but i kinda cant because i just spent my money on a new power supply because my last one blew up ill try to get win 10
  7. thats true but idk why i just love windows 8 its kinda unique in a way
  8. im using a asus rampage formula r 1.0 and with a xeon it has oc utilitys and crap im just not the biggest fan of 8
  9. thanks but one issue with that is that all my app dont support 10 only 8 and 7 and ive gotten so used to win 8 thanks but the supports also ass with lga 775 and win 10 im running xeon
  10. yah most likly the drivers because when it gets to the windows screen its loading drivers and hdmi still works but dp wont because its loading the 960 drivers not 2060 drivers so put in the 960 and download https://www.guru3d.com/files-tags/download-ddu.html it can delete the old drivers so tell me if the 2060 still has an warrenty or you cant try reballing but its kinda risky
  11. if it stops working after the windows logo what you need to do is put in your old gpu the 960 and go and download dde and delete the drivers using dde nvidias kinda janky with that hope this helped
  12. basically i was using windows 7 until i upgraded to windows 8.1 and when i tried to install rx 580 drivers theres non so i went on other forums and tried crimson drivers and it doesnt have video drivers so im stuck with microsoft basic vga drivers i have 2 monitors so i can only use 1 with these drivers so ya i need some help with this also dont tell me to upgrade because my support on lga 775 is super scarce on win 10 so dont tell me to upgrade i hope i get a response and also if i cant get a fix im stuck with a geforce 9800 gtx+ its trash