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  1. I did install that, as well as un-installed and reinstalled, as well uninstalled the Geforce experience...didn't do anything haven't tried ddu yet.
  2. Do I remove the driver folder? It says it's not recommended, but I'm understanding that I'm supposed to do that? As for the warranty, I don't know. I bought it off of one of my friends who never sent it in. It's still in the warranty period and I have the receipt for it, but I don't think it was registered yet. I probably won't try to fix it myself since I'm not too skilled. Yes it appears the cable I used is in that range. It came with the monitor and I also bought another one just to see if it was the monitor, cord, or card.
  3. So you don't think the ports are toast on it? Just nvidia's drivers? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling using my 2060, still works with the HDMI but it's still not working with the directport. I'll give it a try with the 960 though and see what happens.
  4. Hey guys, so here's a gist of my situation. My display ports on my 2060 aren't working. The issue began when I had bought an AOC monitor yesterday and noticed some gray pinstriping for whites in the corner of the screen. Other than that though, no issues with the ports or any issues performance-wise, ran great....Then I return the old monitor today, I get the new replacement one, bring it home and it comes up with "Input Not Support" on a dark screen. It runs through to the point of the windows logo and the circle refresh, then goes black with that text. I can run BIOS with it (MSI z170 board), and safe mode. HDMI works, but DP isn't working beyond that. I also tested my old 960sc and that is working with Display port. Is there something wrong that I did or are the dp's on my card toast? It was working just fine as of this morning too... What can I do?