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  1. If it's there and have the 4pin cable available from the psu just plug it, it can't hurt. The worst thing is to have no effect.
  2. It's never the cpu or the ram associate with blue screen, frozen or crash. It's either the gpu or psu. Check them out.
  3. Just you to know because most people don't know anything about pc power consumption, and they just talk...nonsense. My ryzen 7 3800x with 2 Gpu's RTX 2070 Super and 32 GB at 3200mhz don't go over 450W in a stress test, measured with power meter. Any psu is built to go at least 100W over from what is written on it. If you have a 500W psu right now... you are in good hands.
  4. You are good man. If you get down the temperature by 5 degrees you will most likely reach 9k. A 360mm AIO could accomplish that or Noctua 15, Dark Pro 4. Don't even try to overclock it. Super waste of time and you might end up with worst results because the temperature will obviously raise.
  5. How can anyone know if even you think is a stupid idea? Do you think anybody tried that before? Go ahead and do the experiment. I'm also curious if it cools better. Please let me know.
  6. Did you download the app and look at all the cores in idle state? What score did you get on C20? If it's over 9000 you are good, it's working fine. Not bad at all 77C under stress. 42C idle is super with Noctua 12.
  7. Download from the CPUID site the app with the core temp for the cpu. You will have all the cores displayed and the frequency. Base clock for 3950x is 3.5Ghz so you....good. It can definitely reach 4.7Ghz when you browse your email, not in a stress test. Check it out.
  8. Go and tell those suckers who saw faster booting time and swear on it. Those are the kind of people who can swear they saw Jesus at one point in their life.
  9. Man, are you kidding me? I bought the Samsung 970 EVO with 3500 mb/s read and 2500 mb/s. Is out there anything better than this one? I compared everything with a cheap SSD I can't even remember the name and the speed was the same for boot and apps load. There is no difference not even a second faster, and I was looking for a F second man, just one. I have my operating system installed on it. Let's cut the crap and say it the way it is cause I'm sick of all the suckers on youtube spitting lies shamelessly. Smaller, thinner, no cables, but that's about it.
  10. Did anybody notice absolutely no saving boot or apps loading time with these nvme m.2 storage cards compared to regular ssd? It could be less time compared to an hdd but who in this world still uses hdd for the operating system? A little disappointing given the the whole roar about them. The only advantage is cable-less design other than that...smoke and mirrors.
  11. Buy one of this and... problem solved https://www.ebay.com/itm/PCIe-WiFi-6-Intel-AX200-network-adapter-802-11ac-ax-2-4-5G-bluetooth-5-0-MU-MIMO/273870050123?epid=14035042945&hash=item3fc3ed534b:g:g1IAAOSwU51d1jxN
  12. You haven’t put down what mobo you have. If you have XMP profile in your bios enable your ram to run at 3200 Mhz.
  13. Time to reward yourself with a brand new system me thinking.
  14. No water cooling system goes that long. The solution is to replace it.
  15. Inside should be a pump fan that circulates the water through the system. If that block got noisy the pump is gone. How old is the system?