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  1. Ok, so I've been reading, watching videos and I'm still a little stumped. I've purchased Voicemeeter Potato, as well as the Audio Cable A & B, so I essentially have 5 hardware input selections and the respective audio cables. Now, if someone can tell me what I am wanting to do is NOT even possible, then I will quit attempting it and go with a different strategy, but somehow I think it is. I have the following components that I want to incorporate into Potato. Audio-technica AT2020USB+ Microphone hooked to my PC Xbox One X gaming console HyperX cloud II with Mixamp TR hooked into my PC StreamDeck software Elgato HD 60 PRO installed in my PC Discord Spotify OBS for mainly recording but sometimes stream Speaker system hooked to my PC I'd like to be able to do several things 1) Have my Mic routed through Voicemeeter 2) Have Discord routed through Voicemeeter so that I can use the voice channels with my headset 3) Have Spotify routed through Voicemeeter so that I can either listen with my headphones, through my stream or through my speakers 4) Have my Party Chat on Xbox app routed through Voicemeeter 5) have OBS roouted through Voicemeeter if possible for recording and sometimes stream 6) I'd also like to be able to watch other streams on twitch through my speakers or headphones I've been able to get my Mic successfully routed through Voicemeeter Where I end up with an issue is the items 2, 3, 4 5. & 6. Anyone willing to give me some advice on this? If I can successfully get it to work, then I would be changing my donation for Voicemeeter Potato from occasional use to use it every day. I'd just like to get this to work. Is what I am trying to do even possible? I may need to uninstall and reinstall my voicemeeter and audio cables since it seems like 1 of the audio cables isn't showing up correctly in the list of devices. Thanks in advance!