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    Programming, Guitars and Gaming
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    If you are really that interested just look up my hp.
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    Full Stack Developer


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    Ryzen 5 1600X
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    MSI B350 Gaming PRO Carbon
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    2x 8GB Corsair Vengance LPX 3200MHZ
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    Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB / RTX 2070 Super Gaming OC 3x
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    Falling apart
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    1x SATA 6 1TB HDD, 2x SATA 6 500GB HDD, 3x SATA 6 256GB SSD, 1x SATA 6 1TB SSD
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    650 Watt Corsair CS Series CS650M Modular 80+ Gold
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    Acer EB321HQUAwidp - 80 cm (31,5 Zoll) 1440p @79Hz
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    Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 3
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    Logitech G19 (<3 <3 <3)
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    Razer DeathAdder Elite
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    HyperX Cloud 2.0
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    Windows 10 Pro x86_64
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    Lenovo T495s Ubuntu Eoan

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  1. Well we do not know what OP knows or feels safe with - that is why i said 'if you feel safe with...' . If you dont just pick a random fan and do some research it will work and yes of course as said you would have to prepare to not create a house fire starter set. If someone touches his PSU without reading first or knowing what he is doing that is pretty much their own fault - at least i would not do such a thing without getting a guide and reading as there are propably high voltage loaded caps and exposed conductors inside. But still if you pick the right fan for your unit it will just work fine Also i said nothing about notcuta fans, where exactly did you get that from? Sure they can work but i would pick the best fitting silent fan in terms of airflow, rpm and electrical properties. But instead of givng "PSU bad advices 101" answers could you please put arguments & explanations behind your point? Just saying that someone should or can not do something or not listing reasoning does restrict learning and leads to just copying someones opinion without even understanding how to get to this opinion. Here is your good and helpful explanation behind wattage/headroom - this is a very common misconseption even with professionals and system integrators . Have a nice day, stay healthy For me that is a reason to not buy from this brand.
  2. If you feel safe with opening it and checking the fan you could upgrade its fan. Tho your memory is pretty slow for Ryzen, i would invest further money into that way if the PSU is enough.
  3. Wasn't there also a thread about this lately? I reme,ber that i already wrote up my toughts on that. But well, you are talking about their launcher. Epic Games is a good company and Sweeney a good dev! I like their Engine (switched from Unity) for stability and the availability of premium tools. Their launcher and asset store is great and you get a lot of free assets per month. But for gaming i will stay on steam - ally my "gaming history" is there, messages from like 12 years ago and stuff. That said steam is a horrible security vunerability but since i only do gaming on this windows machine i do not really care. Edit: Found it, not really the same topic but the answer is the same.
  4. Because it would require additional work. I do it when it is an requirement and if it is paid for. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/@media/prefers-color-scheme
  5. I think what you said is right, depending on if you can salvage old parts and general stuff like monitor, case, fans, psu etc. you can make enormous upgrades to your new parts while staying in budget. I don't know if we read different posts but he did not say that at all. Tho i think you can make a good upgrade with 700 bucks but i can't see that if you have to buy everything without compromising on performance.
  6. Browsers or web-views normally come with pre-defined css. You have to actually reset those vendor defaults to start on 0 with all browsers and achieve the same behaviour. I'd suggest reading up about it here (just first google result). If i may give you an advice, take 2 hours of time and read into scss/sass, you will not regret it.
  7. Are you resetting the default styles? Also just inspect it and reset it.
  8. But gaming on Linux is not comparable to windows. He does want to game
  9. So if you hit Win+P you can split the screens instead of mirroring. The mouse kb is assigned to all of those screens but can of course be locked by an application that is in focus. I do not know of a way to customize the new window behaviour in windows but that does not mean it is not possible.
  10. Windows has a built in antivirus that is as good as the competition. View it that way: Installing more complexity to solve problems that are caused by complexity? Antivirus software most of the time is only a "fire extinguisher" as it wont prevent the "fire" in the first place, only your common sense can. For mac or *nix in general i do not know if that is really as needed. To my knowledge if you do not mess around with the permissions and configure the system accordingly there should not be any vunerability except those of the software you use.
  11. I always did this until i scratched my board's backside around the CPU socket when installing my tower cooler. PCBs, in my observation, most of the time can take some scratches, there are even hidden probe points that you have to scratch off in order to measure. Use a plastic tool for it or anything soft or you will risk damaging your board permanently. If it was dead you would as said know it by now but no one can really tell if it is working 100%.
  12. If it's only a zzzzzzzz and not a zzzzzzz its pretty ok imo Ok being serious again, i once had such a noise coming from my old monitor after being 8-10 years old, sounded like a cable not being plugged in completely. It became louder and then the display just died - i always were pretty sure those were corelated. Tbh i have never had coil noise but i imagine it sounds more consistent and less "zappy" (if someone wants to record a good example it would be awesome, i could only find this one). If it is starting to more sound like a zapper i would be worried.
  13. So did you enable UEFI boot and disabled legacy? Also did you remove unneeded boot order options? Reduced/disabled post info?
  14. Hehe by FOSS i mean Free Open Source Software, the software i am going to use for it is actually called koel and based on Laravel (PHP). I have no clue about it's quality and i think other languages would be better suit but i also personally work with Laravel so i think it is worth for me to check it out
  15. Is it at your place or in an datacentre? What badnwith and infrastructure? TBH WebHosting services already have big players, at least where i live, so getting into it commericially makes no sense at my location unless you are also providing the software or have many contacts. But here are some ideas i did on my server: 1) Get into a programming language and start collecting data. For example job offers, then do analysis on it yourself or sell access to it. 2) Create a VPN for yourself you can use in insecure networks. 3) Create a preload/download server for steam and stuff (only really viable if the machine is at your place/network) 4) Create a homepage for yourself (or others and let them crowd pay your server and managing) 5) Create free of charge micro web services, could slap ads on them later (Like free webspace, url shortener and so on). 6) Install something like nextcloud for example I ask that question myself a lot and it lead me to code a lot of useful tools that assist my daily tasks. Edit: If you are a music collector, my next project is to setup an private FOSS spotify like service for my collection of local files.