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  1. But it's a gainward one? Is that a good gpu brand?
  2. Also CHECK if the GPU is plugged in WELL in the PCIE Slot
  3. You could try that, but i would first check if all the cables that are plugged in the motherboard are plugged in completely and that the GPU is connected via a 6 PIN or 8 PIN connector (if it requires one)
  4. You took the graphics card out before you took the board out?
  5. Why would you take out a motherboard to put in RAM? Do you have a bench with all the parts on it or a CASE with all the parts INSIDE
  6. Try the other DIMM slot, maybe one of the DIMM slots is faulty.
  7. I don't think so, if the motherboard was damaged the computer wouldn't boot at all. If it boots and gives picture on the screen after taking out the added ram it might be the ram which is faulty.
  8. Try taking out the sticks you added in and try to boot.
  9. Try to unplug it and replug it into both monitor and the gpu and check if all the cables are plugged in completely.
  10. Is your monitor connected to the MOTHERBOARD or a dedicated GPU?
  11. Ok, now tell me can you hear the PC beep when it boots up and do you get the no output when you are supposed to get a Windows screen or it says no output from the start boot?
  12. Is your monitor VGA or DP or HDMI?
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^