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  1. yes i have connected everything and have 2 ram sticks on 2 and 4th one connected
  2. i can't get even in bios i got R5 3600,GTX 1660 SUPER and DN550 Deepcol 550w 80+ bronze
  3. I have this mobo and when i turn on my pc theres red light on vga on it,windows is installed and mobo drivers only gpu driver isn't installed.And i can't see anything on the screen how do i update the gpu driver?
  4. kiksaa

    new pc

    thanks for letting me know,but my pc wont turn on the power supply is the problem,gonna try on higher wats one today
  5. kiksaa

    new pc

    gonna take 750w and try with that once we installed drivers i turned it off and switched the room where i have LAN cable,can that fck the power supply?
  6. Just installed windows computer worked perfect i installed the drivers then i shut it down and when i tried to turn it on it wont turn on again i tried everything planning on getting 750w power supply i got this one currently PSU 550W Deepcool DN550
  7. kiksaa

    new pc

    what leds are you talking about only my gpu is rgbu and its full powered,only my fans 3 of them were connected to sys_fan 1 was to pump_fan is that the problem?
  8. kiksaa

    new pc

    i checked everything even switched to try it out in another room
  9. kiksaa

    new pc

    I just built my gaming pc i turned it on installed windows installed drivers and once i shutdown the pc i couldn't turn it on. i have r5 3600,gtx 1660 super,PSU 550W Deepcool DN550,b450 gaming plus max,16gb ram 1tb hdd,120gb ssd
  10. I got this motherboard and dont know where to plug fans for the case can anyone help me,what to search for and does it have 4 or i need to buy splitter?
  11. Should i download bios latest version cause on pcpartpciker there was warning that i need to update BIOS in order cpu to work properly
  12. thanks man do i need to download everything from there? BIOS? On-Board PIDE/SATA Drivers System & Chipset Drivers On-Board Audio Drivers LAN Drivers? Maybe Utility? i dont know with this guys what to download
  13. i know about the graphics card dont know what to download from the drivers for the motherboard
  14. I have gigabyte geforce gtx 1660 super gpu,cpu is r5 3600,motherboard is MSI b450 gaming plus max