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  1. I will but im ordering it online. Will tell you if it works
  2. Ok I will check. Thanks a lot for the help
  3. So is this a good idea? Cause a lot of people have told me that it should work just fine, even with a CPU like that. I am on a small dilemma here
  4. Usually I play some light gaming like TF2 and MC. Don't really edit and code either
  5. I don't have an athlon. I have an Phenom X4 II B95
  6. I have a HP Compaq 6005 Pro SFF and i've been told to get a GeForce GT 1030 2GB Low Profile. Is it a good idea and will it work cause I can't stand the integrated HD 4200 it has. Im probably getting this, I just want to know that it will work with the motherboard. Thanks Update: So I found a guy that tested some games on the Phenom II X4 B95 and had the GT 1030. And it worked just fine. Now I can't confidentiality say that this will work 100% but I have high hopes. Guess I'll have to wait and see
  7. I probably will, but not right now. Now as far as DirectX12 i really don't play these games much. I love mid tier games like TF2, GTA 4, Minecraft, CSGO and much more. Thanks a lot for the help everyone
  8. I know its a pretty stupid question, but i want to upgrade my GPU to a Gigabyte GeForce GT 1030 2GB LP GDDR5. The thing is that i have Windows 7. Now im a pretty newbie pc engineer myself so i want to know if the GPU Drivers will support Windows 7. Thanks.
  9. Mainly because the Vega 3 caught my eye. My integrated GPU is complete trash and since i couldn't find many GPUs that supported 240W PSU's, i thought that it could make the pc better for some low to mid tier gaming. Im pretty bad at PC building so i came here to get an answer
  10. Hello everyone! I have a old HP Compaq 6005 Pro SFF Desktop PC. Everything in there is stock except the RAM (Which is 8GB) and i wanted to get this cpu specifically which is an Athlon 3000G Box(2 cores) with Vega 3 Integrated Graphics. My current CPU is a Phenom X4 II B95(4 cores). Is it worth to get the upgrade and can the motherboard and PSU(Which is 240W) support the CPU? Sorry if i made it confusing and asking too much info. Thanks
  11. Clock is right, checked, but still not able to get rid of the error
  12. I recently formatted an old Vista laptop. I installed it, did all the updates and went to IE to download chrome. It kept popping up a security threat for every website I entered that was https! Even Google! Once I downloaded chrome and tried it, the same thing was happening! Some(if not all) Google images couldn't show up neither could I see a YouTube video. My time is all correct, I have tried to restart my wifi, clear ask cache and even deleted McAfee. I even tried to re format the laptop again but nothing! The exact same. Please help me! Thanks