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  1. So i have had my PC for about 5 years. And i dont know if i need to replace the thermal paste. should i and is it needed. ?
  2. But it should work right. ? other then its not at the speed. as it says ?
  3. Well i am kinda on my max budget atm becuse i need a new keyboard. Prob not going to get a new pc until one or two years more. But thx.
  4. My PC is pretty old its prob eol around 5 years. not looking to upgrade my pc anymore after this next step is pretty much getting a new one. My CPU is a Intel core i5 4690 3.5GHz. 16 GB ram its a one 8 and 2x4 GB becuse i could not find any others becuse my pc is so old. GTX 760. I am buying at a site called komplett its Danish.
  5. Hello. So i am thinking about getting a SSD called A2000 NVMe PCIe SSD Well it work on my PC. and can i install windows on it and boot from it. ?