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  1. srcomp8


    My budget was £200 for graphic card. I see new GTX1080 @ £300 on Amazon would this be a better choice with it being a older generation of card i would get better resolutions
  2. srcomp8


    Thanks for the response. Would i be better to get a 100 hertz monitor instead of 144 hertz.
  3. srcomp8


    Hi I am looking for some advice on the RX590 graphics card. I currently have a GTX960 4GB graphics card and a 34" AOC monitor resolution is 3440X1440 @ 60 hertz. I am looking to upgrade to 2 27" monitors one to be 4K for YouTube videos and the other one a 144 hertz for some gaming (I don't play a lot of games GTA5 and Dirt Rally 2) Would the RX590 be able to do this. I don't want to spend a lot of money on a graphics card for 2 games. Thanks