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  1. That is possible but I don't see anything that can be doing this, can you check the stuff I have installed please?
  2. No, I tried afterburner at first and uninstalled it because this was happening, then tried X1 Precision and still the same. Is there any standard windows program/nvidia driver that control this?
  3. I have already tried Afterburner and X1 Precision to make my RTX 2060 quieter. Doesn't matter what i do with the fan curve, it always go up for 3500 RPM (100%) for ~10 seconds and then slow down again, even if I set 50% for 85 degrees, for example (maximum temperature I got was 81 celsius). It seems to be a security feature of the GPU that I would like to turn off or reduce because the fan noise is so irritating since my computer is right next to my head. Sorry for my bad english guys, and thanks in advance! GPU Model: RTX 2060 XC Black, EVGA Mobo Model: H310M TUF Gaming