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  • Birthday 1968-01-23

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    Ann Arbor Mi USA
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    Stuff that draws current stuff that flies stuff that lights up stuff that makes noise RF DSP and Spread Spectrum radio (OFDM)
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    Always looking for contract work opportunities, let's chat more if you need help with anything tech related in the USA.
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    Computer consulting company owner.


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    White pine
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    Hercules monochrome
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    SuperMicro 4U Rackmount
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    20X40 container on freshly poured concrete slab
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    of public affection regularly
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    Carrier 120,000 BTU rooftop
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    Sequential Circuits Prophet-5
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    2 cats
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    Crown 1200W bridged
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    Redhat 5
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    See above (two cats)

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  1. I've had people not tell me worse. Thanks for saying hello.
  2. I swear I'm not bored! https://web.archive.org/web/20080924174636/http://www.linustechtips.com/about
  3. Oh Wait!!! It's working now. http://web.archive.org/web/19991011153550/http://qsky.com/dataguide/about.html
  4. Thanks!! OS/Win10 repair is not at all my main thing but I sure enjoy tackling or dabbling with it. I've done this sort of thing for a long time off & on with other OS's and would like to eventually have a solid handle on Win10 and how it starts up & loads things. My normal everyday work is much more focused on small and medium size company network infrastructure "network fabric" or any other cool sound fancy words you would like to throw at it. I do networks and servers And love it. I get a lot of variety or requests thrown at me and get to pretty much pick & choose which ones to take on.
  5. Hey thanks for the help offer! I had to give up and re-install the OS after two weeks of poking at it. The customer was understanding and I gave them a loaner with all their data from a backup so I could have the two weeks to poke at it. I come across these occasionally so the next time I have to (or get to) deal with this and it's not a simple fix I will post here or start a new thread and track you down and invite you to see Interested? This last one was related to a Windows 10 update and/or EASEUS (paid version) backup software that in my opinion failed miserably. This is another topic entirely. And a doozy of one at that. Thanks again! I look forward to learning more.
  6. I'm totally surprised on how many close-by people actually caught this post!! Hello and thanks for the friendly greetings!
  7. From the video I can piece together in my mind what is going on because I have *some* experience. He's reformatting the FAT32 partition and then writing the boot files to it _from the os drive. Simple and understandable. Didn't work for me. Files on the OS drive did not cooperate another error. not covered in the video STOP. Had similar tries that did not work on MBR systems as well. There are videos for those... that didn't work out in my cases. :) The rabbit hole is deep on this. I spent a couple of weeks with it and I'm not a master yet. I've learned a few things but I'm still relatively useless or ineffective at this.
  8. The problem is indeed sharing or lack of available information to share.. whether this information comes from Microsoft or not. WHERE do I get the information that I need? the video posted above is ok and I have of course seen this same video and many others like it over the past 2 years. It is another one of the same "try this" "try that" follow the step-by step instructions. It has not applied to any of the actual situations I have tried to actually repair. It also does not "share" or explain anything that is going on or how it works or what it is doing nor what do at any any stage if it fails to work... Which guess what... Exactly... In my situations this has failed to work. Indeed I have to understand what is going on with windows startup and all that to be useful doing this. Videos like this have not yet helped me with specific problems that I have ran into. I have yet to learn how it all fits together and how to actually troubleshoot load/startup problems in Windows 10. Which I will ultimately do. Thanks for the response! Windows 10 usually just works but I find the information that I actually need to repair it when it does not very non-existent so far. There are a LOT of variables that this video does not cover. And in the real world I have run into those variables. There is a lot more to it. I could start out with a simple question just as an example. There are a bunch of 'versions' of windows 10 out there now. The latest and common are 1709 1803 1809 1903 and 1909. Does the windows recovery version that you happen to boot have to actually MATCH the OS install you are working on in order to work? Or can you use 1909 boot media to repair 1803 1809 1903 and other versions? When a buddy hands you a broken Windows 10 laptop that absolutely won't boot how do you quickly and easily find out what version of windows 10 is installed on it? What if it crashed/failed right in the middle of an update from 1809 to 1903 or 1909? Where exactly can anyone find this definitive information. This is just ONE of the many variables and questions I have run into when trying to do boot repair that very much will not cooperate despite trying to understand what is going on, how it works and following many videos and posted instructions. That approach is NOT working for me to be a good and effective tech. I need to know and understand the pieces and these bits of information are what I find to be not shared anywhere.
  9. I'm totally into anything that is a computer. I could have fun for a full day on an old trash picked XT with an IBM monochrome display trying to find old games that work on it. I enjoy running macos occasionally on a PC just to play around with it or to work out client issues when they have them with a mac. Most of the stuff I do and enjoy personally will not run on a mac natively. I feel a bit crippled when I try to spend an actual work day using only a mac. And I end up RDPing to a lot of windows boxes to get things done I'm a pretty big fan of the underlying operating system on a mac but not very well versed in it as I only use it on occasion. I'm a hardware guy and like all of the options and variables in PC stuff. To me macs are just a toy. And PCs are an even better toy.
  10. @PurplDrank I worked in Tecumseh for two years 1997- end of 1999. at Quantum Sky. In the Bidwell Exchange building. That was the last time I worked for an employer. Bummer all the wayback machine stuff from the website 1996-2000 are completely gone. I wonder why it's gone. Used to be there. It was an 'interesting dark' website. Steve
  11. Haha!! Finally! Maybe. Grew up in Wayne 5 miles N. of the airport. Mom still lives there and we visit all the time. I still hit the RC field across the street occasionally. RC Helicopter pilot and private pilot in training!
  12. ping -F in windows?    

  13. Just waving hello really quickly. I'm a computer tech & electronics guy. As if you didn't already suspect this. I look forward to sharing various miseries and successes. And hope to be helpful in rare cases. Cheers. Steve_Gladden