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  1. Thanks for the input guys, it's really helping. Now i know which kit i should get.
  2. Turns out a cl16 3600 is out of my budget range. So i'm probably going to get the cl16 3200. Also probably going to learn how to overclock it if its necessary.
  3. yes i'm set on tridentZ RGB cause i want to build this PC for my brother so it's either this or the tridentz Neo version. Also, what is the difference between the rgb and neo version beside the neo being white?
  4. So i should really be looking for a cl16 kit? okay then
  5. Hello everyone, i wanted to build a new PC with this component : CPU : R5 3600 Motherboard : TUF GAMING X570-PLUS RAM : G.Skill TridentZ RGB (don't know what speed yet) Can someone tell me which G.skill TridentZ RGB i should get? i don't understand much about the compatibility of the motherboard and cpu. What i know is that from AMD website that the CPU system memory specification is 3200mhz. and from ASUS website about the TUF Gaming X570 Plus is that it can handle 3200mhz. What i know little about is that G.Skill have many SKU of G.Skill TridentZ RGB that have a different timing. What is the best SKU for my system and can my system run a 3600mhz g.skill ram? and if it can, what is the best SKU of the 3600mhz g.skill that compatible with my system?
  6. i'll be sure to ask if i have more question about my monitor purchase.
  7. I thank you for your input. I'm definitely more confident on choosing the VG249Q as the first choice.
  8. Hey, i'm planning to buy a VG249Q next week. I'm currently thinking is this the best money can buy at that price and spec? what i want is a 1080p 24inch IPS 144hz monitor with a 1ms GTG response time and an adaptive sync technology. From what i've been reading on the internet, today's IPS panel is pretty fast and not as far behind from a TN panel so i really wanted an IPS panel that looks good and fast. VG249Q fits my needs. Is there any monitor at the same price range or maybe lower that have the same spec and quality like the VG249Q? VG259Q is out of my price range. Also i've seen many recommends MSI MAG241C, but it has a VA panel. Thank you for your input.
  9. Thank you for all of the replies. So i don't necessarily have to plug it in right? All right then. Thank you so much, i was searching here and there but no answer. I think I'm gonna leave it in plugged.
  10. So I want to build a new gaming PC with an i7 9700K and Maximus XI Code as it's Motherboard. And in the spec of Maximus XI Code it says that it need another 4 pin power connector. So i search for a PSU that have it. According to pcpartpicker, Bitfenix Whisper M have it. But from what i can see, there is no additional 4+4 pin power connector. So from what i can gather from the cables that are included is that should i put the additional 4+4 pin to the VGA2 power connector or what? I'm new to this kind of stuff. I don't want it to explode. Thank you.