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  1. honestly i think tmobile tuesday is total shit so if this new internet home wireless internet service works out im ditching tmobile after paying off one of my phones and switching to metropcs cause i can get free amazon prime with there service and i can use that better than tmobile tuesday cause the things you get on that app are completely random and i almost never use anything on it
  2. oh well i already found one unlike my current service they said they would have no data cap and send me an antenna to use with tmobile towers cause tmobile has best coverage in my town and with tmobiles new signal even better so i know for a fact an antenna will be very useful especially where i live
  3. when i try to use my headphone mic i think it works but for some reason the sound doesnt i cant hear the mic but it looks like its working but i my headphones dont play any sounds
  4. i want to know if theres a wireless alternative to cable internet like a wireless option thats actually good to use
  5. i want to attach a usb type C cable with two type As so i can keep my phone charged while tethering which ones are the power cables?
  6. i have a problem i want to know if theres a way to keep my internet from dipping below a certain speed i use mobile data sometimes it can be amazing sometimes its just SHIT i want to find an in between where i know itll be all the time can someone help me find a solution to my issue?
  7. yes and they add up over time making me able to use less and less of my hard drive and i want to know if theres a way to make those files gone
  8. you know those files that can be deleted from your computer thru regular uninstallation and they cling to your hard drive until you go thru your folders and delete them all manually?
  9. i want to know if theres a way to where i can have temporary or extra trash files automatically delete from my computer or be sent to another hard drive to be deleted from there
  10. when i try to use my webcam when its plugged into the back of my pc it freezes the whole thing