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  1. Is the Sharkoon SilentStorm Cool Zero a relabled one of any version on the tier list? Does anyone know where it would rank?
  2. Thanks for your answers. Which tools do you recommend for bending? I understand that I need a heat gun. Any tools to help the bends? I will look deeper into fittings when I fully decide whether I wanna go Hard or Soft. Basically I just need 2 Fittings for CPU block, 2 for Rad, 2 for Pump, right? Maybe for a drain port? The Raijintek Antila D5 Pump/Res combo is super cheap compared to other D5 pump/res combinations, is there any downside? Edit: Deep in german boards I found several users claiming the antila d5 is a "fake" d5 and tends to fail a lot. So.. can anyone recommend a pump res combination? Preferably with a big reservoir as my case has way too much air in it LOL
  3. Thanks for the messages. I read through the guide quite a lot. I still have several questions - is there anything really bad about the parts I have yet? From the reviews I saw the parts seem to be solid? Can anyone recommend some fittings? How do I ideally create a Loop- Drain point?
  4. Hey guys! I received a Fractal Design Define 7. It looks kinda empty, so I decided that I wanna try building a custom loop. I have some difficulties picking the right parts. As of now, I just want a small loop for the CPU (Ryzen 5 3600) - BUT I am probably upgrading GPU to RTX 3XXX series. So it'd be much appreciated if it was possible to include it in the loop later. My rig does not at all need a custom loop. But I want to do it for the experience and the sake of doing it. And the looks. I have plenty of space in the case. Just do not really know where to start and what to watch out for. I guess I would start off with soft tubing and switch to hardtubes once the GPU gets included, if that makes sense? I'd love RGB and products that last several years. I am not on a tight budget, but I personally hate overspending. The Corsair Hydro X series looks good but damn, thats expensive. Any help or ideas are appreciated.
  5. How do I find out if a version is the one in the list? For example if it says 2017 TXM, is it this one? CP-9020133-EU
  6. Yea, I saw these calculators. Was just wondering whether it is enough for future GPUs but apparently yes. Thanks everyone. Still can’t decide tho LOL
  7. wouldn’t have bought it either. got the MB and the GPU for free in a giveaway. i feel like 550w might be not enough if I upgrade the rig at some point?
  8. Hello guys, don't wanna spam the tierlist thread anymore - sorry for that. Currently I am looking for a PSU. Current Setup: Ryzen 5 3600 MSI X570-A Pro Gigabyte RX 5600 XT Gaming OC 3x S-ATA need 1x Molex Will upgrade to a high-end GPU next release or the one after. (either 3070/3080 (Super/TI/whatever)). Will 550W be enough? Should be at least semi-modular and preferably not too loud. I am buying from Germany. Preferably mindfactory.de , as I still have money on my account here. Possibilites I thought of yet: Seasonic Focus GX 550W - currently on sale for 65€ Straight Power 11 550W ~90€ BitFenix Whisper M 550W ~90€ Corsair RMX 750W (since it is on sale. is it 2017? SKU CP-9020179-EU) 99€ Any other ideas?
  9. Where would be the cooler master reactor gold in the list? https://eu.coolermaster.com/de/powersupply/modular/reactor-gold-550/ (so many options. I have no clue. Should I rather create a new thread?)
  10. Thanks! Will probably go for the Focus GX550 then, unless there are negative points about it?
  11. I am just wondering - is it even worth it to upgrade? Or would it be perfectly save and fine to stick to the system power 7?
  12. It might even be considered low end. ryzen 5 3600 MSI x570-A pro rx 5600xt bequiet System power 7 450W (btw why is it not on the List? Which Tier would it be?) got Lucky in a giveaway with the mobo and the gpu. thinking about gpu upgrade when the next gpu generation releases. Would it make any sense to go for 650W then? I feel like 550W should be enough but I have no idea if TDPs of GPUs will rise.
  13. https://notebooksbilliger.de/seasonic+focus+gx+550w+pc+netzteil+622725 it is a German site. Straight Power 11 550W is like 95€ at best, for comparison.
  14. Hey guys, i remember seeing a post about how bad the seasonic focus is. Did they fix it? i can get a good deal on a focus fix 550w and I am hesitant - I am using a mid-tier system. Worth the buy or spend 1,5x on the straight power 11?