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Brok3n But who cares?

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    A slowly learning Retard
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    The Lofi Galaxy
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    Rockets, Cars, Lofi, Purple, Pc's
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    Nostalgia Taking Over.
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    Nobody, Noone


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    Quanta Laurel2-U
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    Samsung 12 gb 1(666) mhz
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    Intel "HD" Try to run roblox on me, bitch
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    HP envy 23-k300xt
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    500gb Samsung 860 EVO- Yes that one.
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    A shitty power brick. For a pc. FML
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    HP envy 23-k300xt
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    Primitive passive cooling
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    Razer Blackwidow elite
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    Razer Mamba Elite
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    Song hear.on.2's, Some sound system, or integrated audio
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    Acer Chronbook R11

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  1. ty for that but I've had a bad track history with these lesser-known manufacturers and their warrenty's/returns. Kind of bummed out because of their prices but I'm afraid I wont go for any of them. Ty again though
  2. How bad is it? Is it static? at any rate if you can touch any part of it and get zapped you're... well pretty fked. Make sure none of cables are exposed, that the case is grounded and everything else is plugged in. PSU's shouldn't even do that no matter. Try unplugging the pc and moving it to a enviornment like wood or something like that (ground it), and if you still get shocked contanct the psu producer.
  3. Hey- I'm looking for a decent 1440p 144hz gaming IPS ect. monitor for under $350. I just honestly dont know where to start since amazon is kind of a mess right now. I'm looking for a monitor under $350 MSRP but if there isn't a decent one on the market ~$450. Otherwise looking for a IPS monitor between 27-35 inches which has a nice look to it- Modern, non-chonk, little to no rgb, premium parts, you get what I mean. G sync is a want but not a need, and HDR 400, 600+ would be awesome. Any help or sharing of knowledge is greatly appreciated, especially any detailing if one actually exists for the price limit I have = ) Ty!
  4. I wouldn't say so. Razer's raptor has at the bare minimum one of the most beautiful 1440p 144hz panels on the market, but at $700 I think that's a little over your (any reasonable persons) budget. Otherwise Samsung's Qled IPS displays are also top-notch. Between the three I personally would pick razer, but I honestly don't mind either LG or Samsung and they all have been highly-reviewed.
  5. 4k 144hz is basically impossible for the time being- Not because of the display tech, since even HDMI has caught up to 4k 144hz finally, but the GPUS- even the mighty titan RTX won't be able to stand any modern-day triple aaa with decent settings, and 4k- forget ray tracing. I don't reccomened going with 4k anyways most of the time unless it's for something such as content creation, as 4k on anything smaller than 32' is pretty useless for gaming imo, as 1440p has 2x higher ppi than 1080p, and content on displays all the way up to 20-24' in 1080p still seem pretty sharrp to me.
  6. I know. But since the ASUS and CORSAIR RGB ecosystems are now compatiable I just assumed.
  7. Uhhh windows 10 is free (if you can live with the watermark), what is that 120gb ssd for? maybe try to get some 3600mhz ram 3200mhz works too though, try getting your hands on a dual- or tri fan 5700xt, it'll give better performance. Otherwise, the PSU is a little overpriced seeing that you can get a 650W gold fully modular for $99. Peripherals are okay but I'm not a huge fan of Corsair/hyperx, most of their stuff feels really cheap. Happy building!
  8. AMD 4th gen or the 3700x. It's seriously not worth getting Intel chips. If you're thinking about a new motherboard just go with a 3700x or the next-gen 4700x which probably will release in ~6 months. Still stomps on intel in terms of pricing and performance closely follows for single core, and basically surpasses multi-core. Also comes with a decent cooler in the box.
  9. What price? It really comes down to budget. a "budget" set of hifi headphones would be the Sennheiser x Massdrop 58x jubilee, at $150 without an amp, but $150 for a gaming headset is considered high-end territory. So, a few questions What price? Closed/open back? (Open back means you hear the outside world, and vice versa, but it helps you feel like you're actually listening to the music in-person but sucks at holding noise in and blocking outside noise. Do you want HiFi or gaming headphones? HiFi can be used for gaming but not the other way around, but HiFi headphones might need an amp and tend to be expensive Since you play in shooters do you need a mic? Something like a ModMic will work with many headsets and sounds really good but is $50-$150 depending on the model. Do you have any special needs for the headphones?
  10. Don't get a nzxt case. please. Get a Phanteks p300a and a arctic p12 value pack. For the GPU, I'd reccomened a 5700xt Red devil if you can get your hands on it (It can perform at ~100 fps on medium settings on most triple aaa games 1440p, and over 200 on medium at 1080p). tri-fan cooler, $410-$430 price tag, performance very close to the 2070S before you hit it with a oc. Otherwise EVGA 2060 KO at around $300 USD is decent (with 100-140 fps on medium on most triple aaa games If i'd have to guess), then just go 1660S for about $220 if it doesnt meet your budget which will still perform fine
  11. Tis' a sad tale 1827035320_Screenshot(841).thumb.png.79f4bf0d4ae489f6161af93870b737cc.png

  12. Well I mean if your pc is on like 100nm for whatever reason...