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  1. I see. What had me worried is the fact I thought that,since I turned off the screen while charging (because I didn't want anything to heat up too much wihile I was away) nothing would be happening in the background, such as these windows updates and my laptop only turning the fan when i turned the screen back on. Shouldn't all laptops just have the fan work even when the display is asleep, if they're doing something "intensive"?
  2. Hi all and good night. A situation today left me worried with my surface laptop 3, and all this happened after I had left it charging from 9% battery to 78% in close to an hour with the screen off, lid closed. When I went to check on my laptop, which had already reached about 77~78%, I immediately heard a really loud fan kick in and that got me startled (I never heard this laptop's fans before 'till today, they're so loud): I noticed windows update was running in thet background and when I opened Aida 64 (trial) I saw the CPU temp at 72ºC, when the max I had ever seen in the past weeks was 50ºC. I wonder if the cursed windows update was working, with the laptop's display turned off, and charging + downloading/installing updates all combined lead it to this temp. point? I already finished updating it and it is at around 40~45ºC, quite good for this kind of laptop but I'd like to know what you think about the high temperatures from before and if this is normal and if I should be worried!?