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  1. I know it is a stupid question but your display us connected to graphics card instead of MB right lol?(only speaking from experience) and is it possible your graphics card may not be seated properly?
  2. Trust me I know I don't understand either but literally every piece of my build is better than his except that he is running everything on an m.2 vs I am a scrub and still using HDD for storage os on SSD but that should not affect gaming performance... Life is hard lol
  3. Most of the time for sure. however sometimes I have found that my friends comp that we just built has an Rx 590 and performs a bit better on some titles against my 1080. Always check the titles you play is all I'm saying lol it seems like amd is a bit better when playing red dead for example so if all you play is red dead why pay the extra 150 ish bucks to get the rtx
  4. The only situation where I think a s20 would be useful is if you were getting an ultra and really getting it for some professional grade photography and upgrading from an s8 or so anyways lol
  5. Ya it sounds to be Canada lmao.... It's great with our great Canadian shmeckles lol
  6. It really depends on the games that you are playing really. I found I got a ryzen processor which was awesome so I went to try a Rx graphics card as well. What I found is that in the games I played there was some frame stuttering on the Rx graphics card that I didn't have on my older nvidea. Ended up giving my brand new Rx 580(a year ago or so) to my wife and getting a gtx 1080 ftw2. Honestly though on a general level I find nvidea performs a little better and more consistent but if all you are playing are amd preferred games then go amd lol??
  7. Do you guys think g-sync makes a really big difference? I am also looking for a 1440p 144 htz monitor if I can get a decent deal on one but it seems like as soon as you add g-sync it is just a bunch of dollar signs more.